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Hollywood Hack Hosts the Fyre Festival of Book Launches

If you don’t look too closely at the details, the launch party for Sunny Collins: Sex in the Garden of Fame and Fortune, Jacob Diamond’s self-published book, looks like an absolute banger. Featuring big-name guests like Paris Hilton and Khloé Kardashian, the party promises gourmet food from Wolfgang Puck at lavish venue in Hollywood. Jackson Ford, the publicist promoting the event, has told the media that Amazon is even interested in adapting the book into a TV series. It’s going to be a must-attend event, especially if your a celeb with a lot of clout. Diamond has promised A-list guests an over-the-top gift bag upon arrival: a $500 gift certificate for a personal trainer at Plyo Fitness Hollywood, three bottles of Sunora Bacanora Tequila, a $20,000 gift certificate to My Med Spa in Plano, Texas, and two first-class tickets to Dallas, where a “limousine service will take them to their suite at the Ritz Carlton hotel.” And it can all be yours at Diamond’s launch party…except none of that is actually true.



Yeah, it’s all a sham. The lavish venue hosting the event is really just a gym. Most of the celebrities Diamond invited haven’t even heard of the event, and if they have heard of it, they’re most definitely not going. Steve Machuca, a manager of the Plyo Fitness Hollywood hosting the event, had this to say:

He told me there would be celebrities coming, but I did not know that it’s not accurate that these people aren’t coming. I had no idea.

Image via Page Six

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Jackson Ford, the publicist supposedly in charge of the Sunny Collins launch, might not even exist. No one has been able to track down any photos of Diamond and Ford together. And the two haven’t even been seen together. Page Six did a little investigating and found that the photos used on Ford’s LinkedIn and Gmail accounts are actually photos of a French model named Pierre-Olivier Beaudoin who, of course, had no idea this all was happening.

I confirm that I never used the name of Jackson Ford. This is so weird. And this is all my pictures.

Some are comparing Diamond’s fraudulent book launch to Fyre Festival, the failed 2017 music festival that left luxury partygoers stranded on an island in the Bahamas after severe funding and planning problems. Well, let’s just be grateful Diamond’s party didn’t actually go up in flames.



Featured images via Page Six and Amazon