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5 Best Book Lights for Reading Anytime/Anywhere

Whether you’re being considerate of your partner by reading with the lights off, trapped with a book during a blackout, or simply trying to save your what’s left of your eyesight, a portable book light might be something to consider. Here are some recommended book lights to suit your (lit)erary needs.


Wireless Reading Light Panel



Not everyone wants to read on their iPads and consume more of that notorious blue light than necessary. This light panel has much less of it, looks cool, and looks like something straight out of Star Wars. However, unlike a lightsaber, this light panel won’t burn the pages of your book.



LED Reading Light For Kindle/e-Book Readers



Kindles have a pleasing aesthetic because they don’t have an obnoxious amount of light radiating from their screens. The only downside is that they don’t have a whole lot of light radiating from their screens. If your Kindle needs a boost in light during the nighttime hours, then be sure to do a good deed for your eyes with this purchase.



Led Book Light Mini Clip



You already know how good it feels to finish an entire book during a vacation or trip. The first couple of days are spent being jet lagged, you find yourself waking up at awkward hours of the night, and then you open that book you didn’t quite finish on the plane. This handy reading lamp is easy to pack, easy to use, and all around convenient.



Mini USB LED Book Light



USB ports are everywhereon the bus, on the street, in a Starbucks, on a plane, and even on the portable charger you carry around just in case your phone decides to die. The point is that you will always have an opportunity to plug in this book light and read away no matter where you go.



Potter Reading Light Glasses



Last week, we celebrated the birthday of Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived will forever be a legend, but even his glasses weren’t magical enough to light upbut yours will. You can show off these glasses to your fellow Harry Potter fans or treasure them in the privacy of your own Harry Potter shrine (it’s okay to admit it). They’ll be there for when you re-read your favorite Harry Potter book during those tranquil evenings.



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