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Check Out the Designer Behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s Home Library

To complete the bookshelves in her newly renovated L.A. home, Gwyneth Paltrow hired Thatcher Wine to curate and beautify her library.


Image Via Time Magazine


Wine is well-known in the design world for having founded Juniper Books. Since 2001, Juniper Books has focused on sourcing rare and out-of-print books to complete book lovers’ libraries. A few years after founding Juniper Books, Wine started creating stylized book sets that look as good on the shelf as they feel in your hands.



In an interview with Town & Country magazine, Wine spoke about how his idea to create custom book jackets has been setting a new wave in interior design:

My invention for the book jacket means that someone can have the complete works of Jane Austen, but in a certain Pantone chip color that matches the rest of the room or with a custom image. People have invested in how their home looks: They chose the cabinets, the carpets, the paint, and the window coverings. Why settle for books that a publisher designed? Books can have as much style as anything else in the room.

Image Via Juniper Books


When asked about what exactly he chose to complete Paltrow’s bookshelf, Wine said:

I looked at books she already owned, which focused on fashion, art, culture, photography, and architecture, as well as books that her kids liked. We expanded on those topics, and for the kids, we included a selection of classics that we thought they might like as they got older.


Image via Juniper Books


Would you ever consider doing something like this for your library? We can’t all be Gwyneth Paltrow, but everyone can find new ways to express themselves through their bookshelves. Check out some more of Thatcher Wine’s beautiful bookish designs from Juniper Books!



Featured Image via Juniper Books