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“Reading Rainbow’ Hero to Read to us Live

Star of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: Next Generation, and host of hit podcast ‘LeVar Burton Reads’, LeVar Burton, is hoping to livestream his readings to ease and entertain the minds of many.

In his podcast, Burton “invites you to take a break from your daily life, and dive into a great story”, as he reads some of the best short fiction. ‘LeVar Burton Reads’ has a 5.0 star rating on Apple Podcasts, with over 10k reviews. One listener even stipulating that Burton’s podcast is “perfect to listen to during this crazy time in the world.”


Now, LeVar hopes to livestream his reads to the masses, as a way to distract and soothe anybody who may be distressed or anxious during this COVID-19 apocalypse *ahem* I mean, crisis. The main problem that Burton faces is acquiring short fiction for free, within copyright restrictions. In a heartwarming turn of events, and show of creative unity, author Neil Gaiman offered up his oeuvre to the actor and reader.

Gaiman was not alone in this offer, as many more jumped in to provide LeVar with the means, and creative license, to fulfill his wish of a livestream version of his popular podcast. HarperCollins offered LeVar access to their Children’s titles until the end of May, and those involved in organisations and genre groups have suggested their writers may also comply. Beyond the big names and the big five, independent writers have offered up their own work free-of-charge, and many fans have shared little-known free works such as many classic novels.

The community has truly come together to help with his project, and with any luck, LeVar’s livestreams will be available in the coming weeks.

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We Want Your Bookish Couple Photos!



Spring is here, and now that the weather and lighting are in your favor, it’s likely you’re racking up those cute couple photos with your boo! Wanna find out for sure whether or not you and your romantic partner are the cutest couple? Send us your photos to claim bragging rights! (And y’all may be hot, but let’s keep the photos PG.)

Bookstr supports all your healthy romantic relationships, regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation. Just show us how much you love each other—and how much you love books!




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Please be sure to include photos of you and your significant other engaging in book-related activities. Intelligence is sexy. (We’re not creepers, we swear.) We’ll tag you and your partner so you can show off your love AND the fact that you’re way cuter than the other couples you know.

Celebrate book culture at its finest by showing off just how lit(erary) your romance really is!







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Brooklyn's The Center for Fiction

Brooklyn’s New Center for Fiction: A Space for Writers and Readers

When you step foot in Brooklyn’s own The Center for Fiction, you’ll be ready to book your membership. Bookstr was lucky enough to snag an afternoon tour of the new space, but you’re going to want to stay a lot longer than that.

Recently relocated to 15 Lafayette Avenue, The Center for Fiction is more than just a bookstore—if anything can be ‘just’ a bookstore. It’s an impressive feat to fit thousands of worlds within the space of a single room… even if that room is spacious, modern, and beautifully lit. The Center for Fiction is an exceptionally curated bookstore, complete with thoughtful staff recommendations and indie releases. While browsing the high shelves (complete with rolling ladders like something out of a fairytale), I spotted one of my own niche favorites in the stacks: Kirk Lynn’s Rules for Werewolves, a dark and inventive 2015 release from Melville House—more notably, one I’ve never seen in another brick-and-mortar store.


The Center for Fiction Bookstore


Adjacent to the bookstore is the Center’s café, a charming spot whose walls are lined with 19th century novels. If you’ve ever fantasized about being peers with the historic greats (so, if you’re a writer) this is a dream that won’t require all that much fantasy. Sip an espresso, read a first-edition manuscript, and get lost in this novel idea.


The Center for Fiction's café, complete with paintings and first-edition 19th century manuscripts

Each table in the café is artfully topped with literary quotations.


Members have access to an even more impressive selection of features: a second-floor library with a 70,000 book collection. The basement, appropriately, is the 16,000 book crime & mystery library. Trust us—this is the only time you’ll want to be below ground with so many serial killers. (You could say it’s a collection to die for.)


The Center for Fiction has a sleek, modern decor juxtaposed with the antiquated and cozy.


The spacious upstairs features a sun-drenched reading room, complete with an adjacent outdoor patio. Plans are in development for an outdoor bar, so you may as well start planning to drink there. The reading room is a laptop free zone, which will enable you to concentrate fully on whichever book you’ve chosen and leave the world behind. A unique combination of the modern and refined, you’ll feel comfortable and inspired by this one-of-a-kind space.


The Center for Fiction Reading Room



The writers’ room offers a secluded yet inspiring space for those in all stages of their craft, be it an excited beginning or a far more frantic conclusion. Windows look out onto a vibrant neighborhood; inside, the atmosphere is peaceful and modern. Desks are spacious and outfitted with dividers (so, no direct eye contact with the person sitting across from you). With an adjacent kitchen, you’ll have everything you need to write all day… if you’ve got the concentration.

But The Center for Fiction has more than an updated space; it also has a vibrant, new community. Literature lovers can participate in a series of reading groups with varied prices for members and nonmembers—explore writers like James Baldwin, Aldous Huxley, and Henry James with high-level reading groups and discussions. Writing workshops are also available across a wide variety of disciplines, from genre-based courses on speculative fiction or crime writing to craft-based courses on dialogue and structure.

Individual membership is $150, dual membership is $275, and family membership is $325 annually. Although membership doesn’t cover the fees for writing and reading groups, it does count towards a 10% discount on all courses and special events. Of course, membership does include full borrowing privileges from both of The Center’s libraries, access to the reading room, and admission to the private bar.


All Images Via The Center for Fiction.