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Seven Inspiring Home Libraries

Do your elaborate fantasies all center around the ornate home library you’ll someday build? Do you need some inspo? We’ve got your back, because we’ve been thinking about the same thing basically non-stop. It’s our only dream. Here are some good photos to get you hype.

1. Traditional

Traditional Reading Space

Image via Trendir


Do you have a spiral staircase? Someone must. Take advantage by making your home library look like an Austin novel with wood paneling, bare windows, and some varyingly aesthetic antique furniture. Perfect for taking a turn about the room—or the stacks.



2. Modern

Modern Reading Space
Image via The Spruce


Your style more modern? Those chairs look perfect for a long book melt, and the ladder is a great take on classic library design. Plus all your art books will pop against the white shelving. Just be sure not to spill your tea on anything.



3. Minimalist

Minimalist Reading Space
Image via Trendir


Keep it simple and straightforward with shelves and a seating arrangement. The antique, almost industrial windows don’t hurt, adding some sparse flare. This one is easy to achieve, since all you have to do is get rid of most of the furniture.



4. For Two-Story Spaces

Two Story Reading Space
Omage via Luxe Daily


One level simply not enough for your enormous collection? #goals. This walkway looks almost like a fire escape, and between that and the variously glossy greys on the first floor, this whole room evokes a kind of urban elegance, even with trees out the window.



5. For Small Spaces

Small Reading Space
Image via Bustle


Sometimes you’ve not got a huge room to dedicate to your library, but don’t let that slow you down. This reading nook is perfect for compact spaces, taking advantage of storage under the seating, and making the chaise a feature so it hardly matters the ceiling is so low.



6. For Houses

 Reading Space for Houses
Image via Design Sponge


Have a room for your library that you also need to function? This is the perfect blend of library and sitting room, emphasizing comfort, books, and the outdoors, it’s an effective mixed use space that also makes room for what’s important—books.



7. For Apartments

    Apartment Reading Space
Image via Pintrest


You don’t have to have grand windows and big empty spaces to make a modern home library. Even if your apartment is underground, a bunch of soft lights and plush details can make a cozy and stylish reading feature just as well as any other style.



Featured image via Trendir 

Man Threatened With Eviction for Having ‘Too Many Books’!

Longtime Brooklynite Ben Hammer, sixty-seven, is being threatened with eviction by his landlord after the latter declared that the conditions of Hammer’s one-bedroom apartment and the extensive library it contains pose a hazard to himself and the building he has lived in for the last forty-six years.

According to The New York Daily News, the eviction notice from Benedict Realty Group states that Hammer’s living conditions — “boxes, bags, papers, debris, filing cabinets, wood crates and books piled from floor to ceiling throughout the apartment” — are unsanitary, and the building’s maintenance director was quoted as saying the books also pose a fire hazard.

Hammer, who reportedly has no intention of vacating his apartment, will face his landlord in housing court next week backed by his lawyers and the Legal Aid Society. Hammer argues that Benedict Realty is attempting to evict him because he legally requested a freeze on his rent two years ago under SCRIE, the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program. This means that Hammer pays a reduced rent, and the difference between his rate and the market rate is covered by property tax credit. 

According to its website, the Legal Aid Society is a nonprofit organization that helps New York City residents living below the poverty line access the resources they need to advocate for themselves in court.

Hammer is steadfast in the face of a renter’s worst nightmare and insists his possessions hold value and he is legally permitted to remain in his apartment. 


Featured image via NY Daily News.