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Amazing Black Authors To Kick Off Juneteenth

During our country's intense racial climate, thousands have found solace in black literature. On Juneteenth let's look at some amazing black authors.

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‘The Help’ Is Trending on Netflix – Why?

During racial and political unrest in America, Americans are streaming 'The Help'? Let's examine this choice and uncover why it does more damage than good.

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‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ Teaches Children Boundaries and Consent

Sharee Miller, the author of Princess Hair, has published a new book titled Don’t Touch My Hair which focuses on Aria, a young black girl who travels far and wide to avoid people who would like to touch her hair without asking. This topic is a very serious one for black women and girls with natural hair. People are constantly touching their hair or asking to touch their hair! It’s a bit creepy, annoying, and inappropriate.



Image via Kirkus Review

Image Via Kirkus Review



Sharee Miller explores Aria’s feelings towards her own hair and how she still loves her hair even though it’s different. The book focuses on that difference and how people see natural hair as some foreign concept that needs to be explored.  It shows how children should ask for permission and if they are told ‘no’ then they must accept the wishes of others and let it be.






The bright colors and beautiful illustrations break down this complicated concept so children are able to grasp it a little more while still keeping that light and fun tone. The fun yet educational children’s book empowers young children to take control of their situation and tell people not to touch their hair. This a great recommendation for young kids, black or any nationality.



Image via Lipstick Alley

Image Via Lipstick Alley



Though it revolves around the issue of touching someone without their permission, it introduces kids into the controversial topic with hilarious and over-the-top ideas such as when Aria goes into space to get away from unwanted hands. This is an amazing read for all children, it will teach them valuable lessons, but still allow them to enjoy the book for what it is.



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