black experience

A Quest For Freedom as a Nation Celebrates Its Independence

As we celebrate Fourth of July, let's remember the groups of people who weren't free for the first Independence Day. Let's look at some books that paint an actual picture of America.

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Amazing Black Authors To Kick Off Juneteenth

During our country's intense racial climate, thousands have found solace in black literature. On Juneteenth let's look at some amazing black authors.

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‘The Help’ Is Trending on Netflix – Why?

During racial and political unrest in America, Americans are streaming 'The Help'? Let's examine this choice and uncover why it does more damage than good.

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Celebrating The Seven-Year-Old Classic ‘Americanah’

As a black woman Americanah left a mark on me; this novel provided romance and representation. Seven years later, I'm so happy it's still getting the love it deserves.

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