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eva green

Eva Green Cast in TV Adaptation of Booker Prize-Winning ‘The Luminaries’

BBC is adapting The Luminaries for TV and the cast has been announced! The mini-series based on Eleanor Catton’s award-winning novel will star Eva Green, Eve Hewson and Marton Csokas in the leading roles.



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The Luminaries is a historical fiction novel based in the late 1800s during the gold rush in New Zealand. The gripping tale centers around an unexplained series of events involving a sex worker, the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy man, and drunk man who stumbles across a fortune within his home.


Catton is the youngest author ever to win the Man Booker prize.


This 832 -page book has been adapted to screenplay by Catton herself and will be directed by Claire McCarthy, and according to Variety, Eva Green loves Catton’s work:


Eleanor has written a series of brilliant screenplays, I loved her original novel and it’s so exciting that her own screen adaptation reveals yet more exquisite material.”




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Filming will begin in November, and the show will air on BBC 2 in the U.K. and TVNZ in New Zealand.



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Gossip Girl Star Penn Badgley’s New Show ‘You’ Will Make You Rethink Social Media Entirely

Social media is something many of us don’t even think about, it had made its way into our lives through many avenues: every smartphone device or laptop, and a variety of platforms from Snapchat to Instagram to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Getting to know someone before dating them, sometimes before even meeting them, is so easy now that you can effortlessly look up someone’s name and find out so much about them. So with that being said, do you think social media stalking is something people should be worried about?


The new Lifetime show, You, based on the book by Caroline Kepnes, starring Gossip Girl alum Penn Badgley and Once Upon a Time star Elizabeth Lail. The story is slightly creepy because it’s scary to believe that it can happen to anyone in the new age of technology.



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You follows Penn Bagdley’s character Joe’s infatuation with a young aspiring writer Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail. Joe becomes consumed with learning everything about Beck in order to eventually becomes her boyfriend. This story seems to be a cautionary modern tale for present day dating in our culture. Many of us may use social media to get to know our crushes likes and dislikes but there is always the worry that people might be oversharing their interest and locations. Sure, you might happen to see that your crush has checked in at a certain location, but arranging to go there at the perfect time to see them is…a bit eerie.


The show brings up some uneasy questions about how far someone is capable of going in order to get the person they desire, and how acceptable it is to use social media to do so. Badgley admits feeling conflicted with his role in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:


My initial reaction [to the part] was ‘really interested but highly conflicted.’ I knew I would be conflicted about the role from day one through the last day — and that’s why they thought I would be good for it, because I’m not psyched to play somebody of this nature.” 




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The show premieres tonight at 10pm on Lifetime and I’m pretty sure that this show will be on everyone’s Fall must-watch list!  



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coben deal

Harlan Coben to Develop 14 Titles for Netflix

Netflix’s deal with thriller author Harlan Coben for the production of the Safe series starring Michael C.  Hall. Coben enjoyed working with Netflix so much he has decided to work with them to adapt no less that fourteen titles into series and movies. This is a major win for Netflix and Coben will be an executive producer on all projects.



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Harlan Coben has sold more than 75 million copies around the world and his work has been translated into more than forty languages. His new book Runaway about a young lost girl is set to be released in March of next year and is part of the list of productions to be filmed by Netflix.

Entertainment Weekly announced, Vice President of Netflix Erik Barmack said:


Harlan’s page-turning crime novels are beloved by readers around the world. We are excited to continue our partnership with him and develop his suspenseful thrillers into global Netflix originals.



Image via New York Post


For all the thriller, mystery and crime fans it should be cool to see how Netflix will captivate their audience. With heavy competition from HBO, Starz alongside a wide range of other networks, I hope these fourteen productions will gain wide acclaim.  



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‘Mrs. Fletcher’ Adaptation in the Works at HBO

HBO have never been short of great book adaptations fromBig Little Lies to Gossip Girl to Game of Thrones… the list can go on, and it doesn’t look like HBO will be stopping any time soon. Their latest critically acclaimed TV adaptation The Leftovers, based on book by Tom Perrotta, wrapped up after three seasons, but it has been announced that HBO has decided to pick up another one of Perrotta’s, the New York Times Bestselling Mrs. Fletcher.   


The book is about a recently divorced woman named Eve Fletcher, sho experiences a midlife crisis after she drops her only son Brendan to college. Having more time to spend with herself leads her to become engrossed in things she’s never had time for before, for example, porn and social media. Emmy-nominee Kathryn Hahn (Transparent) will be playing the lead role as Eve Fletcher. The series is collaborative works along tons of women attached the project through acting, producing and directing, I’m sure it will a hit series.



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Executive producers include Tom Perrotta himself, Jessi Klein and Sarah Condon. Nicole Holofcener will be directing the show.  The co-stars include Jackson White as Brendan, Eve’s son, a popular high school jock; Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) as Eve’s reliable closest friend Jane; Owen Teague (IT) as Brendan’s dorky high school classmate Julian; and Jen Richards as Margo, a transgender woman who teaches a creative writing class Eve attends at community college.


I’m hoping this half-hour show will have us laughing! The pilot has already been shot, and I can’t wait to know when the series will officially be released.


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Nicole Kidman Buys the Rights to Produce Liane Moriarty Upcoming Novel

According to The Hollywood Reporter Nicole Kidman will produce and star in the upcoming adaptation of Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty’s new novel. Kidman earned an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as Celeste in Big Little Lies

The latest book, Nine Perfect Strangers, will be hitting in bookstores early fall. Moriarty’s writing has captured the attention of a wide audience. Her popular books The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies are New York Times bestsellers.


Nicole Kidman

Image via Amazon.com


It has not been released whether or not the novel will be adapted for film or television, but from the looks of it, Kidman, Saari and Bruna Papandrea’s Made Up Stories have a closed a deal to develop Moriarty’s new novel. Nine Perfect Strangers follows Frances Welty, a romance novelist who escapes to a resort to get over a heartbreak and encounters an unlikely set of nine strangers.  


There is no further information on how the story will be adapted, but I think it is safe to say Moriarty stories can do no wrong in our eyes! 



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