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Did You Catch This “The Queen’s Gambit” Easter Egg?

The Queen’s Gambit was one of the most popular shows on Netflix to date. In fact, it was the most popular scripted show to date, with 62 million households watching the limited series. And this number has only gotten higher—those 62 million household views were only in the first month!

If you haven’t watched the show, it’s all about Elizabeth Harmon, an orphan who ends up finding a sense of control through her love of chess. The show is beloved among fans for its characters (specifically Beth, of course), story, and cinematography. When Beth plays chess, she even sees the pieces move on the ceiling.

The production design of the show was so intricate that there were many easter eggs, including one of a famous artist who’s repeatedly mentioned. Her name is Rosa Bonheur, and much of her work focused on finding where her gender fit into the profession—reflecting Beth’s role in the chess universe.

But the art left us one final easter egg. Spoiler alert ahead! If you haven’t finished the series yet, stop here and stream it on Netflix.

In the finale of The Queen’s Gambit, we see Beth going to Russia to face off against Borgov, the renowned chess champion. But you may have missed one key detail when Beth arrives.


 The painting on the wall in her Russian hotel is shown for about three seconds, but if you pause, you see a woman that looks very similar to Alice, her birth mother. And yet this woman is playing the piano, signifying the merger between her two mothers, Alice and Alma. The higher position of the painting tells us that both of her mothers are with her in this moment, the moment which may be the turning point of her life.

Did you notice the easter egg? Let us know!

Feature Image via Netflix

Fans Can Play Chess Against ‘Queen’s Gambit’s’ Beth Harmon

The Netflix original miniseries Queen’s Gambit has gotten everyone a bit more interested in chess, so for those who wish to try test their skills against a challenge, you can now play against a bot modeled around Elizabeth Harmon.

Chess.com has a variety of bots that have been modeled after chess players, both real and fictional, and the newest to join their ranks (chess pun unintentional) is the ability to play a game with Beth.  

Image via Amazon

The bot comes as a celebration of the success of the new Netflix series, which has also revitalized interest in the original novel by Walter Tevis. It’s built to replicate her aggressive, quick style of play, favoring short trades, and pinning its opponents into the same traps that Harmon loves.

Image via unsplash

It will usually lean on her favorite setups and rely on skills she’s learned at various parts of her career; expect the Sicilian Defense if you happen to play white, and a deadly Queen’s Gambit if you play black. The bot will even often play by-the-book moves that Beth uses in the novel, which is super-cool for those into really obscure book details.

You can play against Beth at all stages of her career: from an 8-year-old sitting on a milk crate who doesn’t know what the pieces are called, all the way to the young woman aspiring to be the youngest chess champion in the world.

Challenge the bot as often as you’d like, but be warned: Beth is a ruthless player that will take some time and practice to beat—unless you’re also a prodigy.

Feature Image via NYT, Production Still via Netflix.