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Thrilling New Thrillers for Halloween

It's that time of the week again! New books are here and this week's genre is is perfect for this Halloween season. It's thriller!

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5 Thrillers We’ll Never Stop Fearing

Mystery is a genre where our deepest desires lie and can be uncovered. Books that make you forget about the world and dive into the familiar. This list will make you scrunch your toes and snuggle under your blanket. Get ready for some timeless thrills.


The Girl on the Train

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Every morning, Rachel catches the same train to London. She knows when the train will stop and for how long. She has even familiarized herself with the nearby houses and the people who live in them. One of her favorite couples, ‘Jess and Jason’, are perfect. Rachel longs to be just as happy, but everything takes a turn when she sees something she’s not supposed to. Nothing can ever be the same. Rachel has allowed herself to become apart of the lives that she has only watched from afar. She is no longer just the girl on the train.


Gone Girl

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Nick and Amy Dunne are celebrating their fifth anniversary. Everything is underway when Nick’s beautiful wife disappears. Nick, although seemingly charming, becomes the monster of Amy’s nightmares in her diary entries. There are so many people hounding him for information, that it becomes too much for him to keep his bad-boy charm. It’s as if Nick is glad that Amy is gone, but did he really muster up the courage to free himself from the famous Amy….


The Couple Next Door

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Anne and Marco Conti are a perfect couple. Newly married, they have projected themselves as having a loving relationship and a wonderful home, with their beautiful baby girl, Cora. One night, the couple goes over to a neighbor’s dinner party and the unspeakable happens. Cora is gone.

Inside that wonderful home, there are many secrets that are waiting to be discovered. Ones which they weren’t even aware of themselves. Each secret unveils the power of deception and unfaithfulness that will make your jaw drop.


Paper Towns

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Quentin Johnson has been madly in love with Margo Ruth Spiegelman since she moved in next door, when they were kids. He would do anything for her, even help her devise her plot for revenge. Their night of endless fun comes to an end, and Quentin realizes that Margo is not at the school the next day. Quentin finally realizes that Margo has left clues just for him to discover. The more he discovers, the more he realizes that he barely knew her at all.


Into the Water

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A single mother is found floating in the bottom of the river that runs into a nearby town. A teenage girl suffered the same fate not too long before. They are not the first to be dredged up from these waters. Without her mother or close friend, a fifteen-year-old girl finds herself in the care of her aunt, who desperately needs to stay away.

Hawkins finds herself revealing the same emotion in her thriller, Girl on the Train, by delivering as the blurb phrases “an urgent, twisting, deeply satisfying read.”


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