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What to Read After Binge Watching ‘Love is Blind’

Is love truly blind? Netflix’s newest reality TV show, Love is Blind, seeks to answer just that. Singles on the show speed-date in hopes of finding their future partner. But there’s a catch—they can only get to know each other through voice alone; only after they’re engaged can they meet face-to-face. If you’ve recently binge watched this super dramatic, totally addictive show, you’re probably suffering Love is Blind withdrawal and unsure what to watch next. But no need to fear: these five reads are sure to satisfy your hunger for more romantic drama.

1. The Selection

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Everyone loves a good dating reality TV show, and Love is Blind is no exception. While The Selection by Kiera Cass is more similar to The Bachelor than Netflix’s new show, any fan of Love is Blind is still sure to fall in love.

The book follows America Singer, who is chosen to be one of 35 girls to compete in the Selection. As a prince eligible to be married, Prince Maxon is expected to go on dates with all of the girls, gradually eliminating them along the way. By the end of the competition, Prince Maxon will choose someone to marry—and America is one of the few who doesn’t want it to be her. 

Like Love is Blind, readers get to watch relationships blossom as the girls vie for Maxon’s hand in marriage. But the book also delves into class differences, political intrigue, dramatic misunderstandings, and—you guessed it!—a love triangle or two. If you’re suffering from drama-withdrawal, pick up The Selection today!


2. Twilight

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Twilight is known for a lot of things—insta love and an iconic love triangle, for starters—a lot of which we see in Love is Blind. If you somehow haven’t stumbled upon Twilight or its movie adaptations, the book follows Bella as she moves in with her father and must adjust to a new school. It’s there she meets Edward Cullen, who she’s instantly drawn to. As they get to know each other, Bella quickly realizes that Edward is far from human—he’s a vampire, and she is utterly in love with him.

If you were intrigued by the Barnett-Jessica-Amber love triangle, then you’ll love as Jacob and Edward fight over Bella’s heart. 


3. Beastly

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A retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Beastly features Kyle Kingsbury, who is transformed into a beast after he plays a practical joke on an unattractive girl. The girl is actually a witch, and curses Kyle for his cruelty. If he can’t find true love within two years, sealed by a kiss, then he will remain a beast forever. 

The singles on Love is Blind are on the show to find an emotional connection with someone who, only after getting engaged, they can try to connect with physically. Beastly plays with that same emotional-over-physical connection as Kyle (a.k.a Adrian) attempts to find love despite his beastly appearance. If you love romantic fairytale retellings, and a good old “don’t judge a book by its cover” read, Beastly’s for you!


4. Adventurous Proposal


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If you thought Love is Blind featured whirlwind romance (seriously—who says “I love you” after only five days?), wait until you read Adventurous Proposal by Laura Barnard. This chick-lit romance follows Florence Gray after she meets Hugh Humphreys at a bar. After lamenting about online dating and their mutual unsuccess in love, Hugh proposes an idea: he wants them to get married at the end of the month, on Christmas morning. What follows are the twenty five days in which Florence must plan her wedding, all while navigating her fiance’s family and questioning her decision to accept Hugh’s proposal.

Adventurous Proposal features all the family drama and rushed wedding planning that we see in Love is Blind. But this book doubles as a holiday read—which is all the better! If you’re looking for something light and tropey in the best way, this is the book for you!


5. Matched

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In Love is Blind we see people fall in love and get engaged—all before meeting their fiance face-to-face. While there are no “pods” in the world of Matched, the people of this society are paired with an ideal mate prior to ever meeting them. 

Set in a dystopia, Matched revolves around a society where the government makes your decisions for you: your spouse, your job, and even your death. When Cassia is Matched with her best friend, Xander, it seems like the perfect match. But when Cassia meets Ky, her certainty wavers, and she begins to realize that the Society isn’t as perfect as it seems.


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