New ‘Batman’ Comic Book Characters Ranked From Least to Most Interesting

Writer James Tynion IV boarded the flagship Batman title with issue 86 in early 2020. He is no stranger to writing Batman, however, as he has written a number of issues for the 2014 series Batman EternalBatman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the 2016 series Detective Comics. Ever since his first issue on the title, Tynion IV has introduced new characters in a variety of issues since #86, all while still playing around with the pre-established, old characters as well.

Through a big event from issues 95-100( coined The Joker War) and through the issues that followed it, Tynion IV and artist Jorge Jimenez managed to create more and more characters bolstered up with all unique designs. However, not all of the characters’s motivations and developments can match up to their cool designs. With that being said, let’s look at five new characters in the main Batman comic ranked from the least to most interesting.

5. Ghost-Maker


Ghost-Maker’s first appearance was in Batman #100, the conclusion issue to The Joker War event. His full, real name has not been revealed yet, but he knew Bruce Wayne when he was a teenager and also trained with several of Batman’s mentors around the world. Ghost-Maker goes to Gotham after The Joker War to take the place of Batman as Gotham’s protector as he believes Bruce is not handling Gotham’s criminals correctly.

Ghost-Maker has a bit of an interesting backstory, but there is not nearly enough character development for him. There is no real advancement for him or his own story, even with his own short story now at the end of the Batman book that started in issue #107. His relationship with Bruce is also a bit underdeveloped as well in that there is no clear indication in how far back their history goes and why exactly they have managed to come back together twenty years later.

4. Clownhunter


Bao Pham is a vigilante who created the Clownhunter persona after his parents were murdered by Joker in The Joker War. Pham was a big fan of Batman before his parents were murdered, and after he killed three goons that Joker sent to kill him directly, he realized that he idolized Batman too much and began to think that Batman does not take good enough care of the citizens of Gotham, and that Batman failed his parents. His weapon of choice consists of a bat with a Batarang stuck through the top of it which he uses primarily on Joker goons.

Clownhunter has more depth than some of the other new characters in the book, but he is unfortunately a forgettable character whose motivations mirror a lot of other established Batman villains. There is potential for him to eventually be a standout if he sticks around long enough to make more of a lasting impact.

3. Simon Saint


Simon Saint is a very recent character introduced in the Infinite Frontier #0issue Batman #106, which ushered in a new era for the Batman book. Saint is the CEO of Saint Industries as was the man who first proposed the creation of the authoritarian pseudo-police force, the Magistrate, and the officers, the Peacekeepers, who were introduced in the ‘Future State’ event. He is a cunning, intelligent man whose presence has already been felt in the DC Universe. He has crossed into the solo Catwoman book already and will likely be featured in other books as well, considering his plans for the Peacekeepers and the Magistrate as a whole.

Besides his CEO role and the implications of what the Magistrate will be doing, Saint has not been seen too heavily, but rather heard more, as his actions and ideologies are already reverberating throughout Gotham City and beyond.

2. Miracle Molly


The newest character introduced, Miracle Molly is a neo-futuristic, pseudo-anarchist who deals in various criminal activities in the aftermath of The Joker War. The most striking thing about Molly is her design. She has shades of lime and neon green, pink, purple and blue on her clothes with bright green hair, green cheetah print pants and two different neon-colored eyes. Thankfully, she also has more depth than some of the rest of these new characters. Her motivations are sound in that she believes the people of Gotham deserve safety and the uber-rich of Gotham should be the ones to provide that safety. She does not match-up to Batman from a physical standpoint, but rather in an intelligent way, which is infinitely more interesting.

1. Punchline


Punchline was one of the first new characters introduced as was immediatley marketed as Joker’s new girlfriend and a replacement for Joker’s now-ex, Harley Quinn. She is neither of these things, but instead a fanatical, maniacal right-hand man to Joker’s craziness. She is much more brutal and violent than Harley Quinn as well, simply being touted as a villain rather than an anti-hero that Quinn has been pushed into recently. Punchline is more than just a Joker clone, utilizing her fanatical mindset to carry out violent acts against citizens, while separating herself from the Joker in terms of her crazy actions when it is needed. Her own brand of aggravated violence will keep her relevant for years to come, if it isn’t the cosplayers who will do it by replicating her unique costume.


‘The Batman’ Is Back!

Production on The Batman took a brief hiatus in lieu of Robert Pattinson testing positive for Covid-19 (which was the film’s second delay after it was halted in March due to the pandemic).

Originally scheduled to be released in June of 2021, the first delay pushed The Batman to debut that October. The film’s second delay in production has pushed it even further, now slated to hit theaters in March of 2022.

Image via MovieGasm

Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrel and and Zoë Kravitz were spotted filming the Matt Reeves blockbuster in Liverpool, England. Fans were granted a sneak peek of Kravitz as Catwoman, dressed in the character’s signature black leather garb. Colin Farrel was also seen as The Penguin, complete with prosthetic scar tissue and wrinkles. While a more grounded and realistic depiction of the supervillain (as opposed to Tim Burton’s Batman: Returns, where the character was so grotesquely mutated and deformed that he only had three fingers on each hand), the costume still portrays him in a way that respects the original source.

It’s unfortunately going to be some time before we finally see The Batman, but personally, I’m willing to wait. While I did enjoy Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader, I’m anxious to see the character once again in a good movie (which has been over eight years now, mind you).


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