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Quintuplets dressed as hogwarts students people magazine

Quintuplets Dress as Hogwarts Students for Magical Photoshoot

The Driskell quintuplets, Asher Blaze, Dakota Faith, Hollyn Grace, Gavin Lane, and Zoey Hart have taken part in a special Harry Potter-themed photoshoot to celebrate their nine month birthday!


The “quints,” who were conceived after their parents Brianna and Jordan Driskell underwent fertility treatments, and were born at just twenty-eight weeks, are “great in front of the camera,” their mother told People. She explained her family’s reaction to the news of the quintuplets’ impending birth, “My husband almost passed out. Both our moms were in the room and his mom went outside and puked twice. My mom just couldn’t stop saying, ‘Five?’ Five?’ It was extremely shocking.”


Extremely shocking indeed, but now look at them!  You can follow their progress and look at more adorable pictures and photoshoots, as well as donating to their GoFundMe at their Facebook page.


Check out the babies out in all their Gryffindor glory below! 


quintuplet harry potter photoshoot


quintuplet harry potter photoshoot


quintuplet harry potter photoshoot


All Images Via People