7 Iconic Loki Moments From The MCU

After years of asking for it, our favorite MCU villain has finally gotten his own show! 'Loki' premieres today, June 9 on Disney+ as part of Phase Four of the MCU. To celebrate the premiere of 'Loki' on Disney+, let's look back on some the God of Mischief's best, and most iconic moments from the MCU!

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New Graphic Novels for Young Readers From Marvel and Scholastic

Scholastic now has a multi year deal with Marvel to produce Orignal Graphic Novels featuring Marvel characters. The new content will launch the Scholastic Graphix Media line. This launch started with the graphic novels that were released earlier this year, which included iconic characters, Shuri, Kamala Khan. and Miles Morales.

Image via Shop. Scholastic

According to editor of Marvel’s juvinelle publishing, Lauren Bisom, Miles Morales has struck a chord with fans and how his life experiences, culture, and his inner strength tells that classic coming of age story of Spider-Man. It also makes him an inspirational hero to anyone who reads the novels.

Next spring, there will be a new novel featuring Morales, titled, Miles Morales Shockwaves,  that will be written by Justin Reynolds. In this new adventure, Miles is juggling going to school and being a spider-hero. His mother’s home, Puerto Rico suffers from an earthquake, so he quickly sets up a fundraiser, but then a student’s father goes missing. It doesn’t take long for Miles to make a connection between his fundrasier and the disapperance. Sounds like a great story!


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Another great character is Shuri, she was introduced in the Black Panther movie that was released in 2018. Earlier this year a graphic novel featuring her was released titled, Shuri: A Black Panther Novel, it was written by best selling author Nic Stone. The novel recieved critical acclaim and it was the first novel to launch the collaboration between Scholastic and Marvel. The next novel will be Avengers Assembly: Orientation and the author will be Preeti Chhibber, which will be released this August.

This is just the begginning, more titles will be released later this year. This collaboration will definitely encourage children to read. What kid doesn’t love to read about their favorite superhero?

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7 Of Marvel’s Finest To Help You Celebrate National Superhero Day

Ever since Avengers premiered in May of 2012, Marvel fans all around the world have asked the age-old question: “who’s in your top 5?” and I myself have battled with it constantly. Always torn between two iconic characters; or constantly debating with my friends why some newcomers should be added to the list. However, I’ve decided to not to make a top five but a top seven and on National Superhero Day nonetheless! For decades Marvel’s heroes have charmed us with their wit, warmed us with their hearts and reminded us that being different is okay. Everyone on this list defines what is to be a hero in their own way. Not everyone has the gift of strength or flight, but they all keep pushing forward even when things look uncertain.

I hope you see a couple of familiar faces and maybe I can even introduce you, to some of my favorites. If anything, I hope this list reminds you that we all have the ability to be super.

1. Shuri

This might be controversial to many, but for me it’s a complete no brainer! Yes, I’m completely aware that Shuri’s older brother is the Black Panther, Marvel’s first black superhero. T’Challa is another one of my favorites, but when I saw Shuri in Black Panther she lit up the screen. Her intelligence places her amongst the best minds in the MCU; whether it be upgrading her brother’s suit, finding new uses for vibranium or using her inventions to aid in battle. No she doesn’t have super-human powers, but the princess of Wakanda has proven herself to be a valued member of the team. Insulting her brother’s shoes with beloved memes just solidified her place in my heart. Not only is she the voice for younger siblings everywhere (me Included!), Shuri shines a light on the lack of representation of WOC in the STEM field. Shuri showcases what the future can look like with equal representation. Shuri gets even more deserved attention in her first solo series, Shuri: The Search For The Black Panther written by Nnedi Okorafor. In Shuri, T’Challa has gone missing and it’s up to his determined sister to find him. Not to mention she’s expected to step up to the throne during his absence. Paired with beautiful illustrations this is an amazing way to follow up with Shuri’s story.


2. Black widow

It wasn’t until her heroic death in Avengers: Endgame was the general public finally giving Natasha Romanoff her much deserved flowers. However, I’ve been obsessed with Black Widow since I saw her in Iron Man 2. Trained as a master fighter in various forms of combat, hosting incredible levels of agility humanely possible and recognized as an amazing hacker Natasha is a formidable opponent. With her first solo movie slated for later this year, all I can say is finally!! Natasha is as resilient and determined as the boys on her team; so her solo movie will only show more of that. Her lack of super powers doesn’t make her less of a hero, not by a long shot.

What makes Black Widow special to me is her ability to rise above her checked pass and her willingness to turn over a new leaf. First introduced as a villain in Marvel’s Tales of Suspense #52, her rough past and complex history could’ve led her down a permanent dark path. However, after befriending the Avengers she switches sides. Not only does she show redemption is possible, but that all of us struggle to do what is right at times. Now that is extremely relatable.

3. Spider-Man (Miles Morales) 

Image via Vox

                                                                                                                                                                                           Were your Spidey senses tingling? Well they should’ve! You can’t have a superhero list without your neighborhood Spider-Man, but sorry Peter Parker, I’m talking about Miles Morales. I can go on and on about why I love Miles Morales, but to put it simply, when I came across his story I felt like I was hearing Spider-Man’s story for the first time. The simplicity, originality, and freshness in Miles’ story is enough to breathe some more life into the legacy of a fifty-seven year old super hero. His first solo movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is nothing short of captivating; the animation looks like a comic book coming to life. Miles is an Afro-Latino preteen who hails from Brooklyn, New York and like the Peter Parker before him, he hosts powers like agility, strength plus Spidey senses. As well as some new personal touches, Miles can channel electric energy that can paralyze his enemies by touching them.

Miles is extremely cool to say the least, but what’s remarkable about Miles to me is how much he wishes to stay normal. Even with his newly acquired powers (those pesky genetically engineered spiders!) Miles doesn’t rush into the role of the hero. Partly because in his universe Peter Parker is still alive, but it’s not until Peter’s death does Miles realize his new path. Even though he didn’t want this path at first, when New York needed him he showed up. Miles represent New York’s diverse melting pot and he should definitely be your favorite Spider-Man. Dive deeper in Miles’ origins in Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man: Volume 1 written by Brian Michael Bendis.


4. Scarlet Witch

Arguably one of the most powerful beings in the MCU (seriously top three material); Scarlet Witch has proven herself to be to be a formidable foe, but an even better ally. Similar to Black Widow, Wanda Maximoff started off on the wrong side of the tracks; her early years were spent in a life of crime. Powers such as telekinesis, mental manipulation and energy blasts were taken advantage of by evil influences (*cough* Ultron *cough* Magneto). However, Wanda found a better path and lifelong friends with the Avengers. She eventually fell in love with Vision and even tried her hand at married life.

Scarlet Witch’s arc is truly remarkable; to see her grow into her own woman, her own hero is nothing short of inspiring. Scarlet Witch’s upcoming show WandaVision, which is supposed to premiere later this year on Disney+, honestly looks like nothing Marvel has ever done. A Wanda and Vision sitcom, with a dash of nostalgia? Sign me up!


5. Doctor Strange

Image via LA Times

Keeping up with the theme of magical power, Doctor Stephen Strange had to be on my list. I’m ashamed to say the first time I saw Doctor Strange was in Avengers: Infinity War, and he had me starstruck from the moment I saw him. Seeing his powers, intelligence, and amazing sarcasm I was sold instantly. Am I the only one who wants a sitcom with him and Ironman? I immediately went home to watch his solo movie and mentally kicked myself for not knowing him sooner. After making a successful career as a surgeon Stephen Strange got into an accident that injured his hands horribly. He attempts to save his hands by going to Nepal to find cures outside of modern medicine. It’s when he finds the Ancient One he learns the way of the Mystic Arts and eventually the Master of the Mystic Arts.               

Strange gave up his selfish and egotistical ways in order to become Earth’s protector. Plus, his cloak of levitation has to be one of the coolest accessories in the MCU. See Strange’s first appearance in Strange Tales #110 written by Stan Lee. 


6. Nebula

image via pinterest

Now I know this may be considered a wild card and even a deal breaker for some, but hear me out! I’m aware of Nebula’s turbulent past, but should that exclude her from being called a hero? If you’ve made it this far you should know I’m a sucker for a good redemption story and Nebula is no exception. When I saw her, I immediately thought ‘this girl means business’ and I wasn’t wrong. Adopted by Thanos, Nebula was trained by him and would be forced to battle her adopted sister Gamora. By being pitted against each other, Nebula craved a relationship with her sister.                                                                                                                                                                                                Even with the odds against her, Nebula persisted; ultimately becoming one of the best fighters in the galaxy, an expert pilot, and a fierce warrior. Eventually going after her abusive father Thanos, she even aids the Avengers in Avengers: Endgame.


7. Iron Man


A Marvel list without Iron Man? Completely unheard of, unorthodox, and frankly not done! I had to wrap my list up with the man that kicked the MCU off twelve years ago. I remembering dragging my mom to see the first Iron Man in 2008 and I walked away completely in awe. Every hero I named earlier is able to grace your movie screens now because enough people loved and believed in Iron Man twelve years ago. He’s a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, genius, and heavy sarcasm user; what’s not to love? Whether he’s facing off Captain America (was totally on Iron Man’s side) or being a father figure to Peter Parker, his stamp on this universe can’t be erased. Iron Man’s death signaled the end of an era and that can be scary for some; for a decade we had a witty father figure, but now he’s gone (I’m still grieving).

Thanks Iron Man for giving me a childhood full of adventure, I love you 3000.

Ultimately this day isn’t defined by your favorite comic book heroes’ abilities. On National Superhero Day you should reflect on the lessons your favorite heroes have taught you. Everyday, but especially on this day, let us acknowledge the heroes that inspire and challenge us (Thanks Mom!).

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