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Nothing Could Stop Woody Allen’s New Autobiography

Earlier in March, you may remember that Woody Allen’s upcoming autobiography, “Apropos of Nothing,” was scheduled be published in April 2020 by Hachette Book Group.  Due to employees staging a walkout in protest, Hachette cancelled the publication and returned the rights to Mr. Allen.  Some people agreed that it was necessary, but others said it was a form of censorship.


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Despite this setback, Woody Allen has found another publication group willing to move forward with his book. Arcade Publishing snapped up his book and is releasing it on Monday, March 30, with a first print run of 75,000 copies despite the ongoing economic crisis occurring caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Within Allen’s autobiography, he addresses the controversies surrounding his life – his behavior toward women for one – including that towards his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, who previously claimed he sexually abused her. Allen even includes a postscript about getting his book published in the first place, harshly condemning Hachette for abandoning him and his book.


“Hachette read the book and loved it despite me being toxic pariah and menace to society, they vowed to stand firm should things hit the fan.  When actual flak did arrive they thoughtfully reassessed their position, concluding that perhaps courage was not the virtue it was cracked up to be and there was a lot to be said for cowering.”



The sexual abuse claims against Allen are nothing to take lightly.  Mounting pressure against Hachette appears to have forced their hand.  Allen said that his book “would land somewhere because you can’t keep the truth bottled up forever.”  It’s questionable when he says that he has the truth, but is it really as absolute as he makes it sound?

Arcade Publishing called the book “a candid and comprehensive personal account by Woody Allen of his life, ranging from his childhood in Brooklyn through his acclaimed career in film, theater, television, print and standup comedy, as well as exploring his relationships with family and friends.”


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Jeannette Seaver, an editor who acquired the book, wanted to take a stance against the critics who condemned it.  She said that part of accepting the book and publishing it was to bring voice to a respected artist rather than cooperate with those trying to silence him.  Seaver made reference to Trump’s rhetoric when she said we are in “a strange time, when truth is too often dismissed as ‘fake news.'”

Publications seem to be weary of igniting huge controversies, possibly out of fear of alienating supporters or readers. Michael Pietsch, the chief executive of Hachette, originally defended the decision to publish Woody Allen’s book, but with the staged walkout of over 100 employees, the pressure led to the reversal of his plan.


People will now be able to read Allen’s autobiography as well as the news surrounding his questionable controversies and render their own verdict, according to Suzanne Nossel, the chief executive of the free-speech nonprofit PEN America, calling the situation “something of a perfect storm.”  “If the end result here is that this book, regardless of its merits, disappears without a trace, readers will be denied the opportunity to read it and render their own judgements.”


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Empowering Female Biographies For Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History Month! This month, we take the time to celebrate all the fierce women of history and recognize their outstanding lives of achievement and legacy. To start off this month, here are five must-read biographies of women that have certainly shaped history.


Image via amazon

You have most likely heard of this inspiring young woman. In October of 2012 when Malala’s story garnered worldwide attention, watchers from all parts of the globe avidly tuned in as this courageous young woman fought for the rights of girls everywhere. Courage radiates off the pages of this autobiography and you will surely admire Malala’s journey.


Zelda– nancy Milford

image via amazon

Her husband is one of the most famous authors in literary history. Young Zelda Sayre’s life is chronicled from her childhood through her adult life, as she became Zelda Fitzgerald, and in turn, a prominent figure in the literary world beyond. Milford eloquently tells of the struggles and trying times behind the glamour of the roaring twenties and the shining legacy of The Great Gatsby.


Madame curie: a biography– eve curie

image via amazon

This biography written by Madame Curie’s own daughter brings a personal touch to the story of one of the greatest female scientists of all time.

The collective autobiographies of Maya Angelou– Maya Angelou

Featured image via amazon

This collection of memoirs will let you into the intimate details of Maya Angelou’s life and mind. This book chronicles the many milestones in her life, from her childhood to her adulthood.

The immortal life of henrietta lacks– rebecca skloot

image via amazon

Rebecca Skloot writes the unbelievable story of Henrietta Lacks, the woman who contributed revolutionary cells to science without knowing it. Skloot takes dives deep into the Lacks family, science, and the circumstances surrounding the revolutionary HeLa cells. Much is revealed about this strong woman’s life in this utterly fascinating account.


Featured image via unsplash 


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Rihanna’s ‘Visual Autobiography’ Will Have Over 1,000 Photos

An alternative title for this article could be Rihanna Finds Another Way to Distract Us From the Fact That She Hasn’t Released New Music in Three Years.



Kidding. I love Rihanna, I worship the ground she walks on, I’d let her murder my family if it would make her smile, and I’ll follow her all the way into the fiery depths of Hell.

But now I don’t have to go to Hell to find her, I can just go to the bookstore! Rihanna is publishing, what she calls, a visual autobiography!

Image via Rap-Up

Rihanna is like Barbie. There’s no job that she can’t, or won’t, do. The combined income from her music, movies, makeup, and lingerie, has led to Rihanna becoming the world’s richest female musician. And, in classic Rihanna fashion, she wants more.

The superstar’s latest business venture is a book titled, fittingly enough, Rihanna



The work is a collection of over 1,000 photos of the singer. In a trailer uploaded to her youtube channel, it was revealed that the book will include everything from images of her as a child living in Barbados, to never before seen backstage pictures of her most iconic moments in both the music and fashion industries.


Image via Variety


In addition to this, there will be three versions of the autobiography available for purchase. All versions include the same amount of images, though they have different book covers, and come with different bookstands. The most expensive version, dubbed Rihanna: Ultra Luxury Supreme, includes what is described as a “custom marble pedestal” for display purposes. All bookstands included were designed in collaboration with The Haas Brothers, the twin artists known for their sculpture work.

I’m unsure what this version costs, as it’s already sold out, but I do know that the standard edition of Rihanna goes for a whopping $150.

Rihanna won’t be released until October 24th, so you have some time to start saving up. Maybe you can buy one of those marble pedestals on the black market? Only if it comes down to that, of course (it will).



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Taron Egerton to Narrate Audiobook for Elton John’s Memoir

Back in May, Taron Egerton played Elton John in his biopic Rocketman to great critical acclaim. Now Egerton’s Elton is returning to our ears for the audiobook of Me, the singer’s forthcoming memoir.


Image via Amazon


When asked about the opportunity to play the iconic singer once again, Egerton had this to say:

“Elton John is a fascinating man, at times incredibly intimidating and yet very vulnerable, I have never met anyone like him. I was passionate about my role as Elton in the movie Rocketman and this feels like the perfect closing chapter to the whole experience. I am honored to have been asked to narrate Elton’s autobiography and I’m excited to get started.”



The autobiography is said to show the life of Elton John from a perspective that has yet to be seen; his own. Readers will get an inside look at topics like John’s sobriety, and his thirty year strong relationship with husband David Furnish. On top of this, Entertainment Weekly has reported that the audiobook will be thirteen hours long and will feature Elton himself.


Image via Metro


The memoir and the audiobook will both be available on October 15th, just four months after the premiere of Rocketman. Egerton told ABC News that playing this role has not made him and Elton coworkers, but friends as well.



“Having him there as a resource was incredible, because it meant the whole experience for me became intensely personal. The most important thing you do as an actor when people say ‘how do you prepare,’ it’s that regardless of who you’re playing, you fall in love with them because you have to become them. So when I developed this friendship with Elton, that was a very intense feeling.”





Featured image via Vanity Fair

‘Inside Family Guy: An Illustrated History’ Includes Insightful Foreword By Seth MacFarlane

As I’m sure all self-deprecating social commentary warriors are aware, Fox’s animated sitcom Family Guy turned twenty this year. The show centers on the Griffin family who live in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island. As South Park‘s younger sibling (by fifty-ish episodes) it has offered us many a politically incorrect glimpse into the mind of its creator, Seth MacFarlane—glimpses outlined by the endearing nature of Saturday morning cartoons. Except the first episode didn’t air on a Saturday…it aired on a Sunday: January 31st, 1999.


Image Via Ew.com


Since then, the show’s outlandish success has given Seth MacFarlane the type of creative freedom and voice that is usually only recognizable in the work of Hollywood’s greatest monarchs; people like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. And yes, I used the word monarch on purpose—for some reason I’ve always associated Hollywood’s hierarchy with that of a Monarchy. Accomplished old men inhabiting the position of king, while Beyonce rules as Queen, naturally.

Not only does MacFarlane serve as the adult cartoon’s creator, but he is also an animator, voice actor, and writer for the series. His ambition and comedic fortitude have led to the creation of various Family Guy-like spin-offs, a sub-par Star Trek parody, and brilliant films such as Ted and Ted 2 (the latter being less brilliant). Despite whatever critical response his work may have received MacFarlane has never lost his sense of mockery, insight, and charm that seems to universally resonate with all of the overworked and underpaid “every man/woman” who retreats to their couch after a long day of not writing for network television. One can’t help but respect a man who has navigated the kingdom of overtly dramatic awards shows, self-obsessed talk shows, and aimless red carpet events with enough humility to lampoon popular culture admirably—and often.

The upcoming book (set to be published on May 14th),  Inside Family Guy: An Illustrated History by Frazier Moore maps the development of the show before and after its first fateful Sunday. The book will feature a “full-color visual guide honoring [the show’s reign—from storyboard’s to character sketch to script excerpts to cast and crew interviews.” The product’s most intriguing inclusion (in my opinion) is the forward written by Seth MacFarlane himself. It can be read below, so no need to ever purchase this book—you’re welcome.


Image Via Amazon.com

If you’re holding this book, I assume you’re in line at the airport gift shop and just realized you forgot to buy something for your nephew with the Adderall thing. Well, luckily for you, Fox figured, “In this digital world, what’s better than a heavy, cumbersome coffee-table book that also destroys our quickly vanishing forests?”
It’s hard to believe Family Guy has been on the air for 20 years. And that’s because it technically hasn’t. The show was cancelled multiple times by different people, all of whom have long since been fired. The last cancellation occurred in 2001, which historians agree was the worst thing to happen that year. Fortunately, Family Guy was revived in response to massive sales of DVDs, which, I assume, stands for “Dick Van Dyke.”

When the show first aired in 1999, Bill Clinton was president, Roseanne had to express her racist thoughts to one person at a time and the quickest way to become a millionaire was to burn your balls with McDonald’s coffee. Yes, a lot has changed since then. But one thing that hasn’t changed are the jokes. We put the same ones in every week.

Few shows are lucky enough to last so long that their writers die of natural causes. As of this printing, Family Guy has aired more than 300 episodes and shows few signs of slowing down, having received a variety of awards printed on surfboards and a handful of positive reviews. Uhp, I’m now being forced to mention the Family Guy mobile game, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Relive the fun of the show with hilarious in-app purchases. It’s “freakin’ sweet. (TM)

In all seriousness, I am truly grateful to everyone who has made this show possible. What started as the student project of a bespectacled RISD geek grew and flourished thanks to the tireless work and enormous contributions of a hugely talented collection of writers, producers, artists, cast and crew. But most of all, I’d like to thank the devoted fans, who literally brought Family Guy back from the dead and allowed us to continue working on this show we all love.


Featured Image Via Rollingstone.com