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Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon for Asian American Literature

Wikipedia Hosts Edit-a-Thon to Fill in Asian American Literature Gaps

Wikipedia is filled with information provided by users, and it gets around eighteen billion views each month. Anyone has access to editing a Wikipedia page to add in any crucial information. In the past, this has led to Wikipedia being seen as an unreliable source of information. Who knows what people are adding and if it’s even true? No one takes the time to consider that because anyone can go in and add information it means that certain subjects are sorely lacking. In response to this, Wikipedia hosts Edit-a-Thon’s to make sure the necessary information finds its way onto world wide web.


Event Flyer for Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

This year, the Edit-a-Thon focused on filling in the large gaps of information concerning Asian American literature. This is the second time Wikipedia is hosting an event to fill in this information. Prior Edit-a-Thon’s have focused on feminism, African art, and more. This year, the nonprofit organization Kundiman was looking to continue to build up even more on Asian American literature. In 2018, over 20,000 words were added to Wikipedia on history of authors, different Asian-American works, and on pages that just make it easier to find such.


Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon roundtable

This years event took place on May 5th from 2:00PM to 6:00PM at the Ace Hotel Boardroom. No Wikipedia editing experience was necessary, but it was a bring-your-own-computer event. Of course, it didn’t just focus on the books and authors themselves. The event focused on boosting up information on Asian American literary organizations, events, publishers, etc. They wanted to create a way where this information was more accessible to readers and writers of color who want to find themselves represented. What better time to tackle this issue than Asian and Pacific American Heritage month!

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