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Thrive Library Wants to Know What Books You Love

What books helped you become who you are? What books do you reach for to help you disconnect from your daily life? What books do you recommend most often to friends? What books do you find yourself taking off the bookshelf again and again? What books have helped you Thrive? What classic books should we be rediscovering? And what are you reading right now?


These are the questions Arianna Huffington and her new online community Thrive Library have for you. In an introductory post on the newly established website, Huffington says, “I’m thrilled to announce the Thrive Library, where we’ll discuss books that have inspired us, moved us, encouraged us, and given us insight, solace, courage, strength and wisdom.”


So what is Thrive Library? It’s an online forum featuring interviews, excerpts and conversations relating to books old and new. Huffington states:


Because the power of books is so enduring, we’re not going to limit the conversation to current releases or whatever the hot new book of the moment is—the Thrive Library is going to be more timeless than timely. We want to revisit, rediscover and learn from the amazing and compelling stories of the past—from the classics to the underrated or undiscovered gems that should be classics. So in the Thrive Library you can find great excerpts of books both old and new. And we’ll also be featuring conversations with authors on Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.


In the post, Huffington talks about the enduring power of books, and how, contrary to popular belief, print book sales are on the rise, “with 674 million books sold in the U.S. alone in 2016.”


Thrive Library, which aims to create an online community to discuss and engage with books old and new, is partnering with Book of the Month “to create a home for this rich conversation.” Read the full statement here! Thrive is asking you to email Zoe at zf@thriveglobal.com with your answers to their questions about your book habits, book loves and book longings. Get involved! 


Featured Image Via Thrive Library