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Season 4 of ‘Sabrina’ Teases With a Fun Twist

Part four of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is set to drop on December 31st. This will be the final season, and already, the show is promising to up the ante with a formidable foe and several returning characters.

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Private School Problems: ‘Riverdale’ Recap

So I know I have been complaining about the lack of ensemble scenes we have gotten so far in this season of Riverdale. This has been rectified slightly…even if it is not in the way that I would have wanted. We have a wonderful Thanksgiving night dinner at Pop’s featuring all of the parents (except Molly Ringwald because she is busy saving Archie’s life- more on that later). We get a lot of Falice (FP and Alice) content in this episode, which I am not mad at except that it could possibly hinder Jughead and Betty’s relationships, which is not ideal. In another amazing moment, FP almost murders Hiram with a broken bottle after Hiram ordered FP to close down Archie’s community center. Oh yeah, Hiram is the mayor now. That happened fast. The only resolution from this little parent soiree was FP realizing that he can be both a gang leader and the sheriff of a town. The best of both worlds, if you will. 



While their parents were getting it on, ironically so were their children. Betty visits Jughead at Stonewall Prep making for some much deserved Bughead content. They plan to spend the weekend doing what they do best—kissing and solving murders. Jughead wonders whether Mr. Chipping actually killed himself or was coerced to do so by an outside force. He finds evidence of Mr. DuPont and Mr. Chipping belonging to the same secret society. As with most secret societies, secrets are shared and could potentially be used as blackmail. In Jughead’s mind, this could lead to DuPont blackmailing Chipping enough to cause him to commit suicide. 


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While the two sleuth around the supposedly empty school, someone approaches Jughead in a bunny mask holding an axe, and because Betty and Jughead are seasoned in serial killers dressed in strange costumes, Betty does the rational thing and hits the bunny with a gold club. It turns out to be Brett and Donna (shocking, I know) and Jughead becomes determined to find out if they had anything to do with Mr. Chipping’s murder suicide. Jughead notices a suicide note fall out of Brett’s pocket, but he brushes it off as some kind of “secret assignment.” The gang plays never have I ever as a way to find some answers. All we learn is that Betty is a badass and we are reminded of that legendary scene where Betty and Veronica kiss. Betty has to sneak around Donna’s room to find any clues and ends up finding Mr. Chipping’s pin. In a frenzy of emotion, Donna reveals that she was having an affair with the teacher, so that complicates things.

This saga ends with Donna telling the headmaster that Mr. Chipping had pressured and harassed her and his guilty conscience led to his death. Oh, and someone places a camera in Betty and Jughead’s room as they get it on during the night. Contrary to popular belief, I had nothing to do with this, but it does make me nervous about the prospect of a sex tape plot because I am not sure I can handle that.


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After Dodger’s near death incident, his family start to target Archie and show up to the community center on Thanksgiving night to wreak havoc. And wreak havoc they do. They pull a gun on him and all the kids gathered there for a free, hot meal. Luckily, Molly Ringwald saves the day (as always) and surprisingly, Veronica helps. The group copes with their first Thanksgiving without Fred and honors him with a plague on the community center walls, which Archie refuses to shut down for good reasons. 



After murdering her girlfriend’s uncle, Toni and Cheryl have to devise a plan to stop their lurking Aunt Cricket from finding out the truth while they dispose of the body. To do this, they tell the legend of cannibalism in the Blossom family at the Thanksgiving table and insinuate that they too participate in the ritual, claiming the meat pies they serve are garnished with Uncle Bedford’s insides. It succeeds in freaking out her family members, who should be familiar with the strangeness of the Blossoms by now. Either way, the girls complete their mission and can spend a relaxing weekend at home. For now at least. 


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Of course, the last thirty seconds of this episode shows all the characters together—something I have been wishing for all along. It is also our only glimpse at Kevin for the whole episode, which is sinful. I would guess that Jughead’s teacher drama has not reached its climax yet, but any excuse for Betty and Jughead to work together is good with me. No ominous Jughead death scene this time around, which may be a good sign. Next week promises all of the characters talking to a therapist—something very, very long overdue. Hopefully, after that we can get some wholesome senior year normal student content. It’s a long shot, I know. 

No Riverdale next week means a much needed breather from the chaos and some time to develop theories and escape from the confusion and stress that this show causes.


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Bad Family: ‘Riverdale’ Recap

The Riverdale writers have clearly not been reading my articles because they still don’t understand that the show succeeds when all of the characters interact. They have a great ensemble cast, so why not use it? This is why the musical episodes are so fun- they are all forced to actually go to school and participate in the same things. And it promises at least one group number so everyone is at least on screen at the same time. But, no. Instead, we get subplots for each individual character. Yet again. 

Luckily, in this episode we get to see Betty and Jughead together a little more than usual (and Veronica and Archie, who have been kept very separate opposed to their usual constant makeout sessions). Jughead is rampaging because he believes that his grandfather actually wrote the first Baxter Brothers book and not Mr. DuPont. Betty and Jughead do their usual investigating and pretty much confirm that they are correct. When Jughead presents his findings to DuPont, he freaks out and basically threatens him. It can be assumed that Stonewall Prep had something to do with his grandfather’s downfall that they love to talk about so much. 

Even worse, Jughead’s teacher, Mr. Chipping, confirms Jughead’s beliefs about his grandfather, but cannot work up the courage to confront him. Instead, Mr. Chipping jumps out of the window in front of his students. While Jughead freaks out like a normal person, the rest of the class sits there humbly as if they are in on some sort of joke. This insinuates Stonewall Prep is hiding a lot of sinister secrets. DuPont then becomes Jughead’s new teacher which should be super fun for him. I wonder if Moose will ever come back…

Now, I am beginning to think that Stonewall Prep is going to have something to do with Jughead’s “death” later in the season. It appears that the other students and faculty at Stonewall are trying to target Jughead the way they did his grandfather so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the cause of Jughead’s actual death or the reason why he needs to fake his death. 

Speaking of death, Betty decides to test her theory about Charles being a serial killer through a polygraph test after visiting Chic in prison to hear a story about Charles going mad and stabbing someone to death with scissors. The only thing she learns is that Charles is a recovering addict, so she feels pretty bad about the whole thing. She feels even worse, however, when following Betty’s visit, Chic decides to call the police and report a murder at the Cooper household. A murder that Chic committed, which he then pinned on Alice. FP and Charles go to cover the evidence that they had hit all that time ago and everything seems to be fine. That is until we see Charles visit Chic at jail, call him babe, and relate how FP brought him right to the body. Don’t you hate when your fake brother and your half brother start dating?

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Speaking of siblings, Hermosa is still in Riverdale for some reason and she is causing a lot of drama for Ronnie. Despite her father being a maniacal murderer, Veronica still craves his approval. Thus, she becomes very jealous at the prospect of another daughter in on her turf. Unfortunately, Hiram moves back in with Veronica and her mother when Hermoine falls victim to Mark Consuelo’s abs. Can you blame her? 

Once Hiram replaces the creep painting of Veronica over his death with an equally creepy one of Hermosa, she decides she is done with her parents and refuses to attend their vow renewals. Way to go, Ronnie. 

Instead of attending her parent’s second wedding, Veronica uses her riches to help her boyfriend spruce up his community center so young boys would stop working for Dodger. Veronica buys some sick arcade games and offers free burgers and they draw a huge crowd. Of course, Dodger shows up to wreak some havoc. Veronica’s threatening glare and Archie’s huge biceps drive him away, luckily, but that doesn’t stop him from turning up at the end of the episode wrapped up in a rug and bleeding from the head. Looks like a classic whodunit to me. 

Oh, I should mention they find Dodger half dead after he pulls a drive by at the Andrews household. As if that family hasn’t been through enough. All I can say is I hope Molly Ringwald put him in that rug. 

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We already know that Cheryl has a crazy family, but they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Some aunts and uncles come to Thistlehouse to try to convince Cheryl to sell the maple business. For some reason, this involves seeing the chapel (where dead brother Jason sits) so Cheryl banishes them from her house. They keep coming back because they are Blossoms after all and Uncle Bedford actually discovers Jason. He begins to get physical with Cheryl. It’s a good thing that she has a girlfriend in a gang. He gets knocked out. She diverts her other aunt. Everything is settled for now. Oh, and she drowned the haunted doll that has been terrorizing her and the babies. Should be good now, no?

Is it too much to ask that anyone on this show have a normal loving family? Except for Archie of course. And they’re being targeted with guns. I think Jughead needs to get out of Stonewall Prep once and for all. Betty needs to trust her intuition because she clearly knows what she’s doing. Veronica needs to continue dissing her parents. Archie needs to protect his mother at all costs. And Kevin needs to be in the show more. 

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