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Children’s Book Week Kicks off April 29th for Its 100th Anniversary!

Children’s Book Week kicks off this year on April 29th! According to this article from the American Booksellers Association, the event will commence on April 29th (Monday) and continue onto May 5th. In service of the 100th anniversary of the event, the year’s theme will be “Read Now, Read Forever’, trying to encourage kids to read more while also looking to the history of children’s books as an overall experience. Bookstores around the country will be helping to host the event, with over 25,000 independent bookstores, libraries, and schools helping to promote it.

The banner for the 100th anniversary of Children's Book Week

Image Via Every Child a Reader

Established in 1919, the Children’s Book Week was started by a librarian of the Boy Scouts Franklin W. Matthiews in order higher standards to child literacy and education, as well creating true engagement for literature among young people. The event has been celebrated annually every since, with in 1944 the Children’s Book Council assuming control over the event. The event will be celebrated twice this year. If you want help get involved follow this link and help out, as well as getting your child involved! Celebrate and have fun!


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