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Nonfiction New Releases To Add To Your TBR – November 2020

You will find on this list a few names you might recognize, a few you might not, but all great stories and lessons from first-hand experiences ...

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TBT Best Seller Edition: ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’

One week into October (AKA Halloween is just around the corner) and two days away from World Mental Health Day, this week's TBT is perfect leading up to both events. In about ten pages, efficiently transition out of summer and into the spooky season.

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Interactive Journals to Bring You Peace of Mind

Life has undoubtedly been stressful lately as we navigate these uncertain times. Interruptions to our daily routines can definitely be a source of anxiety, one that might leave us feeling a bit restless.

Netflix may be a welcome distraction, but when you’re diligently practicing social distancing and you’ve marathoned four new shows in a week, there comes a definite itch to do something new (I know this itch very well). It’s also very important to look out for the well-being of others and yourself, both mentally and physically! So, why not distract yourself with these awesome interactive journals that will also help you manage one day at a time? After you’ve washed your hands for *at least* twenty seconds, of course. Happy journaling!

How to be happy (or at least less sad): a creative workbook by lee crutchley


This innovative journal has a plethora of activities to keep your mind fresh and focused on being the best you can be.



1 page at a time: a daily creative companion by adam j. kurtz

image via amazon

This “companion” sparks your daily creativity and challenges you to think outside the box. Regular check-ins in the form of thought-provoking activities help you take on life. One day at a time, one page at a time.

Pick me up: a pep talk for now and later by adam j. kurtz

image via amazon

When you’re feeling a little low, this is a great journal to spend some time on. These pages are rich with gratitude, admiration, and self-love.


Start where you are: a journal for self-exploration by meera lee patel

image via amazon

Explore yourself and everything you can be with this one.

rage page: a journal for the bad days by john t

image via amazon

Having a bad day? Channel your rage into the pages of this awesome journal- complete with pictures to color in and plenty of lines for all those rage scribbles.



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7 Journals for Anxiety Relief

In this uncertain time of travel bans and looming quarantines, it can be easy to get caught up in the what-if’s. Still, it’s important to check in with yourself and your mental health. If the endless COVID-19 news cycles have you feeling down and stressed out, check out these journals–all aimed to relieve your (pandemic-induced) anxiety. 

1. Calm the Chaos

via goodreads

Calm the Chaos is marketed as “A Daily Practice for a More Peaceful Life.” With journal entries separated into “Today” and “Tomorrow,” the book allows you to reflect on the highlights of your day while also thinking about what you need to do tomorrow. The Today entries are the same every day, with prompts like “I took care of myself in the following ways:…,” “My most memorable moment of the day was…,” and “I am grateful for…” This allows you to focus on the positives of your day, instead of the negatives. 

The Tomorrow entries vary from day to day, prompting you to form an intention for the following day, plan out your to-do list, and think about how you want to be perceived by others, among other things. 

By reflecting on yourself, your day, and your future plans, you can focus your brain’s thoughts. This can calm you down before bed, or prepare you for the day ahead, depending on what time of day you decide to use the journal. Either way, this journal is the perfect way to calm the chaos of your life.

2. The Big Activity Book for Anxious People

via goodreads

In times like these, everyone could use something a little lighthearted in their lives. The Big Activity Book For Anxious People not only helps you deal with anxiety, but provides a fun way to do so. Part journal, part coloring book, The Big Activity Book for Anxious People is complete with fun facts, quotes about anxiety, and cartoon drawings perfect for coloring. 

If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied, while balancing your anxious thoughts and daily life, this journal is for you.

3. Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

via amazon

Pandemic or not, self-care is important. Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal allows you to check in with yourself in an easy format, complete with aesthetically-pleasing pages. First, you choose an intention for the day. Then you record things like sleep, meals, exercise, water intake, and other activities. On the next page, you go on to reflect about things like how you feel, things you did that were fun, things that were stressful, and kind things you did for yourself. There’s also a chart to track your mood throughout the day, as well as a space for other thoughts. 

With 90 days of entries, this journal is perfect for those of us stuck at home in the coming weeks. 

4. I’m So Freaking Freaked Out

via francesca’s

If you’re someone who prefers less structure in their go-to journal, I’m So Freaking Freaked Out could be perfect for you. The left page features a quote, while the right one has a single prompt: “Why I’m so freaking freaked out today.” Sometimes, you just need to rant about your day, whether it be because you had to fight for toilet paper at the grocery store, or because your professor has absolutely no idea how to properly work your online lecture. Either way, this journal gives you the freedom to write about whatever your heart desires, all while providing lighthearted quotes.


5. The 120-Day Anxiety Journal

via amazon

The 120-Day Anxiety Journal is perfect for anyone looking to track their anxiety levels, pinpoint triggers, and list coping mechanisms. By tracking how you feel, and the things that increase your anxiety, you can better cope. The journal also serves to track things like water intake, energy levels, sleep quality, and mood to make sure you’re staying healthy. 

If you’re looking for a space for your thoughts, there’s also dot grid pages for additional bullet journal notes, graphs, or doodles. Use these pages to be creative, and add your own personal touch!

6. Wreck This Journal

via amazon

While Wreck This Journal isn’t specifically designed to relieve anxiety, any anxious overthinker will know how difficult it can be to just stop thinking. This journal allows you to do just that by providing multiple activities to keep your brain occupied. Most of them include (wait for it) wrecking the journal in some way. If you’re someone who finds beauty in a little destruction, or you simply need to take out your stress, be sure to pick up this journal ASAP.


7. Let that Sh*T GO

via amazon

Let That Sh*t Go promises to help you let go of negative emotions, simply by providing profanity-laced prompts. Not only are the prompts fun and uplifting, but they’ll even encourage you to partake in self-care routines, like carving time out for yourself. This journal will keep you occupied with fun activities, all while making you laugh at the sheer number of swears contained in its pages.

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