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Netflix’s Live Action ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Series Finds Its Cast

One of the most celebrated anime of all time is moving forward with a live action remake.


Netflix’s version of Cowboy Bebop has found its lead cast. John Cho (Star Trek Beyond) will lead the series and will star alongside Mustafa Shakir (Luke Cage), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and Alex Hassell (Suburbicon).


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The anime takes place in a futuristic society where the Earth is uninhabitable and humanity takes refuge on different planets in the solar system. An interplanetary police force is established, and bounty hunters referred to as “Cowboys” are hired to catch criminals around the galaxy. Cho will play Spike Spiegel, a cowboy who leads a team of bounty hunters on the spaceship Bebop.


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First announced in 2017, this is the first news that we have received about the live action version since it was announced. Even though the project doesn’t go into production for a while, the cast alone has us excited.



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Viz Media Launches Imprint to Publish Manga-Inspired Graphic Novels

Viz Media, North American manga publisher who distributes famous works such as My Hero Academia, Pokemon, Tokyo Ghouland Dragon Ball: Super has announced they will be creating Viz Originals! Viz Originals will be a new imprint that will publish original graphic novels by artists, with massive inspiration from manga and anime. The imprint will be doing a “soft launch” of the imprint by 2020, which artists already lined up to produce the imprint’s initial stories.


A banner featuring Dragon Ball Super's cast, including Goku, Vegeta, and numerous Gods

Image Via Viz Media


The new imprint will offer multi-volume releases, as well as single volume releases. The imprint expects to feature young manga artists producing original content as their primary brand, as well as adaptations of video games and novels in manga format. Viz Originals will aim to create a work environment where creativity for its young artists are encouraged—allowing them to spread their creative wings and be given the support they otherwise wouldn’t have in the industry. The works will be creator-owned, first and foremost.


We look forward to seeing what original graphic novels Viz Originals produce! 2020 can’t come fast enough!


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Mikasa Ackerman

10 Quotes From the Most Epic Women in Anime!

This week, we celebrate International Women’s Day, and there are many individuals to admire throughout fiction. A nerd such as myself might be biased, but do I believe that some of the most epic can be found in manga/anime culture. Here are a few of our favorites along with their various insights and famous lines:


1. Asami Sato (The Legend of Korra)

“I do like the idea of putting you on a train and sending you far, far away.”

Asami Sato



2. Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

“Now it’s my turn to take the lead, and all of you can watch me from the background!”

Sakura Haruno


3. Misty (Pokemon)

“Love is all about who lands the first punch!”




4. Nami (One Piece)

“I’m the smartest member in the Straw Hat group.”



5. Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

“There are some things in life that will only be understood through words.”

Winry Rockbell


6. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

“If I can’t, then I’ll just die. But if I win, I live. Unless I fight I cannot win.”

Mikasa Ackerman

7. Kefla (Dragon Ball Super: Xenoverse 2)

“You actually thought you could beat me?! Pfft. Come back when you’ve got some skill!”



8. Namine (Kingdom Hearts)

“No matter how far away the light gets, your heart’s voice will always reach it.”



9. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

“Remember this and take it to heart: Kindness sometimes leads to even greater tragedy.”

Homura Akemi



10. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor moon)

“No matter how much you change, please don’t forget there are people who care for you.”

Usagi Tsukino



Bonus: Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures)

“Jackie! I have to go with you! I’m an essential part of the J-Team—The cunning one!”





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Your Name

‘Your Name’ Anime Adaptation to Be Written from a “Western Viewpoint”

A Hollywood adaptation of Your Name is in the works but already has fans of the popular anime film worried.


According to Comicbook.com, screenwriter Eric Heisserer (Bird Box) says that the Japanese rights holders specifically want an American live-action adaptation instead of a Japanese live-action version.


“You have to find the best iteration of that story based on the fact that they want an American live-action version of the film,” Heisserer said. “They stated if they wanted a Japanese live-action version, they would just do it themselves. But they want to see it through the lens of a western viewpoint.”



your name

Image via ilikewallpaper



The 2016 film was very well received and outperformed iconic animated features such as Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. While the story does have a universal appeal, it still contains elements that are rooted in Japanese culture.


Your Name follows two teenagers who discover that they have the ability to swap bodies. Despite being separated by time and space they must work together to prevent an impending disaster.



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Anime Pennywise in sewer

‘It’ Has Gotten the Anime Treatment and It Works Surprisingly Well

As It continues to smash box office records, fans are running with the recent film adaptation of Stephen King’s book. Fans have hilariously made Pennywise dance to pop songs, and some have even put their art skills to use. Artist Mike Anderson (a.k.a. Mikuloctopus) has essentially adapted the new It adaptation into some anime-inspired artwork. Check it out below or on his website here.




Been beep Ritchie #pennywisethedancingclown #pennywisetheclown #pennywise #manga #anime #it2017

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Beep beep, Richie! #pennywisethedancingclown #pennywisetheclown #pennywise #manga #anime #stephenkingsit #it2017

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In true internet fashion, Anderson’s film-inspired artwork has now inspired another artist, Kevin Duran. Duran, a freelance graphic designer, animated one of Anderson’s pieces. The animation and voiceover are definitely creepy. You can believe that, but if you want to see for yourself, here it is:




When Duran used Anderson’s artwork without his permission, it did cause some tension. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Anderson says, ‘[I] was pretty upset that he didn’t ask me to use the artwork at all.’ However, Anderson did call the animation ‘impressive,’ and Duran and him have since settled things on Twitter. Still, Anderson has ‘mixed emotions on the whole thing.’


This whole artistic saga began when Anderson felt It would make a good anime. Speaking about this impulse, Anderson told EW:


Besides the fact that I thought the new Pennywise design already had a very ‘anime’ feel to it, I thought the concepts and subject matter of Stephen King’s book would be perfect for anime. There seem to be fewer limits in anime. Crazy concepts and unique storytelling are almost expected. The King novel delves into mythologies and settings that a live-action movie may not have the time or budget to fully realize. And even if they could, it may not appeal to mass audiences. Taking It to an anime series would ground the story in a genre where traveling between dimensions and giant monsters are more accepted.


Feature Image by Mikuloctopus Via Pinterest