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“The Martian” Author Andy Weir Announces New Book

Six years after his self-published Sci-Fi novel became an unexpected hit (and spurred a movie adaptation with Matt Damon), “The Martian” author Andy Weir has announced that his long-awaited follow-up, Artemis, will be released on November 14.


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As with “The Martian,” most of this novel’s action occurs outside of Earth — the moon, to be precise. There, the city called Artemis is populated by the haves, who have most things, and have-nots like Jasmine Bashara, a young woman struggling to survive as a smuggler. An opportunity to commit the perfect crime, however, envelops Jasmine in a struggle for power over the city.


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After the critical and financial success of ”The Martian” film, 20th Century Fox has already acquired the rights to “Artemis.” Meanwhile, Weir is working with CBS on a pilot called “Mission Control” centered on the lives of NASA’s ground team.


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