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His Wife Lost Her Memory, So He Wrote a Book About Their Life

When Camre Curto started to lose her memory, her husband wanted a way for her to remember their ten-year relationship together. Now, Steve Curto, 38, has written and self-published But I Know I Love Youa book about everything from their first date to the birth of their son. But Camre, 31, has no memory of any of the book’s events.

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Camre suffered a seizure and stroke on the day she gave birth to the couple’s son, Gavin. Though her pregnancy was fairly normal, she began to experience frequent vomiting in the third trimester. 33 weeks into the pregnancy, she had to be rushed to the hospital, where she went into a grand mal seizure.

The doctors conducted a c-section to save the couple’s baby, but after the seizure, Camre also suffered a stroke that wiped out her short and long-term memory.


“She couldn’t recall memories prior to her brain injury and she can’t remember short-term memories now,” said Jessica Smith, Camre’s occupational therapist. “What happened to her is extremely rare.”

“When I met Camre, she made me want to be a better person and that’s what I loved about her,” Steve Curto said. “Then this happened and I just wasn’t going to give up hope that we could regain what we had. This girl, she has no idea who I am but she loves me and we’re going to make this work.”

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Camre spent more than a month in the hospital after the birth, beginning to recover from the trauma of her stroke. Steve wrote But I Know I Love You in part to help Camre regain her memory during recovery. The title comes from something Camre said when she first came home and she and Steve were sitting on the couch.

“We were sitting on the couch and she told me, ‘I don’t who you are but I know I love you,'” said Steve. “That has always stuck with me. That has been the driving force behind everything.”

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