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The Guest List: You Really Would Kill to Be on It

Is it always this difficult to get your hands on a New York Times best seller? Click to read about your worst book club nightmare - not being able to get the book in time!

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Audible has lowered the Price!

Audible is now offering a lower price plan! The original price for the service is $14.95, but now that price is for the Audible Premium Plus. While Audible Plus will now start at $7.95 a month, with access to over 68,000 hours of listening for over 11,000 titles. How cool is that?

Image via Audible
The difference between the Plus and the Premium, besides the price, is when you have the Premium Plus you get a credit and that credit gives you access to download anything outside of the catalog. Anything you want to download it’s yours. Even if you unsubscribe your downloads will be available to you. However, with the Plus plan, if you unsubscribe you lose access to your downloads. I doubt anyone would want to unsubscribe with these two plans! As of right this moment, current subscribers can preview what’s to come with the new Audible Premium Plus and the Plus for the new few weeks. Amazon is gathering customer feedback to see how they like the new set up. It sounds amazing so I’m sure customers are going to love it.
This new way of audible has been in the works before the pandemic, despite the decrease in people listening to books and an increase of people actually reading them. Since summer began people have started listening again and that’s why now is a great time for current subscribers to preview what’s to come. Even though audible has some competition with Spotify and Apple, Audible is still awesome and will raise above. Audible already has a line up of original titles, one of them is Jesse Eisenberg’s, When You Finish Saving the World, and many others ready for your listening pleasure.
So get ready to get lost in the listening world of audible!
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