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‘All the Bright Places’ is Coming to Netflix

All the Bright Places, is finally coming to our screens! The 2015 novel of the same name was written by Jennifer Niven, and optioned for a film in 2014, before the book’s release. Now it’s finally slated to hit Netflix next year.

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The novel follows two teenagers, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch, who have reached a dark point in their lives, and struggle to cope with their mental illnesses. They find themselves on the roof of their school and meet for the first time. Violet is coping with the death of her older sister, Eleanor, who died in a car accident. Violet feels responsible for her death and hasn’t been in a car since the accident. Finch is depressed and has constant thoughts of suicide. His family doesn’t understand his depression so he feels alone until he meets Violet, who he talks off the ledge, and vice versa.

This then leads them to make a pact – to find all the bright places, all the wonderful exciting things in the world, and in themselves.


The film will star Elle Fanning as Violet and Justice Smith as Theodore. It will be available to stream on Netflix on February 28, 2020.

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Filming Starts for Netflix Adaptation of ‘All the Bright Places’ Starring Elle Fanning

Filming as commenced for Netflix’s adaptation of Jennifer Niven’s YA hit All the Bright Places. The film will star Elle Fanning and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ actor Justice Smith in the leading roles of Violet and Finch. 


Both actors posted to Instagram, marking their first day on set. 



Violet + Finch. Day 1 #AllTheBrightPlaces @netflix #bretthaley

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All the Bright Places, first published in 2015, follows a suicidal young man named Theodore Finch, and Violet Markey, a girl who is living for the future, desperate to escape her small town and the memory of her sister’s death. The pair meet on a bell tower at school, and it is unclear who saves whom… 


The book has been lauded for its sensitivity and quality, with the New York Times noting:


Violet and Finch are the archetypal offering in contemporary young adult fiction: a pair of damaged, heart-tugging teenagers who are at once outcasts and isolated, trapped by the dissonant alchemy of their combined fates.


The Netflix adaptation does not currently have a release date. 


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