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An Answer Alice Munro Gave in a ‘Paris Review’ Interview Is an Alice Munro Story

Twitter user Willie Fitzgerald recently pointed out that an answer Munro gave in an interview with The Paris Review bears an uncanny resemblance to many of her short stories—encapsulating the strange details of the life of a man she knew. 


alice munro

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Alice Munro is famous for her off-beat, funny, and sprawling short stories, which often portray long periods of times, entire lives, or outstanding life events. “Miles City, Montana”,  for example, explores the near-drowning of a child in an afternoon, while “Too Much Happiness” recreates, The Guardian writes, “the last days of Sofia Kovalevskaya, the 19th-century Russian mathematician, writer and practical feminist—begins in a graveyard and ends with a litany of deaths and fates. The ageing narrators of the stories of childhood and early adulthood are good on the urgency with which once-discarded memories can come back.”



What a keen and amusing observation from Mr. Fitzgerald, and an excellent answer from Munro. I just like this whole thing a lot. It makes me happy. Is there really such a thing as Too Much Happiness?


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