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Ali Wong’s ‘Dear Girls’ is both Heartfelt and Hilarious

If you’ve spent a lot of time binging on Netflix, you might recognize Ali Wong and her boisterous brand of comedy. She received mainstream acclaim with a pair of comedy specials she recorded in a mini-dress while pregnant: Baby Cobra (2016)  and Hard Knock Wife (2018). She also wrote and starred in a wildly popular Netflix original movie, Always Be My Maybe, last year. Wong’s never been reluctant to share the details of her life onstage (or overshare, depending on how you look at it) and in her first book – Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life – Wong’s bringing her swaggering comedic style to the page.

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Dear Girls is another irreverent and downright filthy piece of comedic writing from Wong. It features gross-out vignettes from her time studying abroad in Vietnam, in which she recounts having to bust out of her comfort zone when presented with a delicacy of fertilized duck embryos.

Wong also recounts her struggle to mainstream success and bombing in front of Eddie Murphy:

I knew Eddie Murphy specifically wasn’t laughing,” Wong writes, “because everyone knows when Eddie Murphy is or isn’t laughing. You could recognize his signature ‘HANH-HANH-HANH’ goose honk anywhere. And that night, there were no geese.

Dear Girls is meant to be somewhat crude and flippant, mainly because that’s just what Wong finds funny. But in between stories about gross Vietnamese breakfasts and teaching readers how to hold a fart in during yoga, Wong also reflects on her position in the public eye. As an Asia American comedian who’s also mom, there are a lot of eyes on her for a lot of reasons.

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Convincing an audience that a person who looks like me could be funny and proving to them that I belonged onstage, was a steep uphill battle.

Fans of Wong will welcome this new and, of course, hilarious look into her life. As a comedian who’s never shied away from oversharing, Dear Girls is as boisterous and brash as its author.

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