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A Dying Father Left His Son a Heartwarming Book

Realizing that you have a terminal illness is a terrible thing, especially when you are a father. But one dad decided to make the most of it and leave his son a special gift.



Scott Sutton was diagnosed with a rare cancer that was accelerating rapidly despite treatment. With his son only a few months old, Scott and his wife Ann decided to write their son Alec a children’s book to remember him by.


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The book, titled I Love You Like…, came about when Scott and Anne were trying to make each other laugh by saying how much they would miss each other using funny phrases. Both parents decided to compile those phrases into a book.

In 2018, Scott and Anne managed to published the book a few months before Scott untimely death.


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In a news article published by The Today Show, Anne talked about how the book has helped her and Alec deal with the grief of losing Scott:

“The book encompasses everything that made me fall in love with Scott. He was intentional with everything he did. He was thoughtful. He had an unmatched wit. That was Scott, wanting to do something thoughtful for his son to show him how much he loved him.”

So far 5,000 copies have been sold. You can pick up your own copy now here.




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