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Elizabeth Banks in The Hunger Games

Booze & Books(tr): Your Weekly Bookish Drinking Game: YA Dystopia Edition

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and Bookstr is bringing you Booze & Books, our newest weekly feature dedicated to drinking games and booze-book pairings.

To give you a little preview, here’s a suggestion we can offer right now: any drink and any book. (Don’t worry; they’ll be more detailed than that. But you have to admit, it’s the perfect combo.)

This week is our YA edition. That’s right, we’re going YA dystopia on your asses.


Select your favorite YA dystopia novel— We’re thinking The Hunger Games, Divergent, you get it.

Take a drink every time one of the following tropes occurs!


Remember: drink responsibly and read voraciously!


Take one drink if…


  1. The protagonist is a thin, white person who is extremely physically fit as a result of a life lived on the land…
Katniss running
Image Via Lionsgate


2. It quickly becomes clear that this attractive, noble young person is the ONLY one who can save humanity from the regime that is currently in power,..


3. Humanity recently came close to extinction as a result of a disaster that is only ever vaguely explained and is referred to by some sort of ambiguous name like the Ending…


Shailene Woodley in Divergent
Image Via IGN


4. Nothing in this world has an actual name and everything is called the basic name for what it is, but capitalized e.g: “Ever since the Ending, we have attended the School, run by the Professors, where we learn to be the best Wives we can be, for our future Lords.”


5. The events of the story are catalysed by the protagonist’s fifteenth, sixteenth or seventeenth birthday…



Maze Runner
Image Via Variety


The protagonist’s love interest is of a different Group / Race / Class / Dimension and therefore their love is Forbidden…


The agents of the regime in power have a name like the Deceivers or the Deputies or the Hounds and they will show up at every point to wreak havoc.


Still with us?

If so, maybe it’s time for you to drink the Cure!

Three red solo cups: cheers!

Booze & Books(tr): Your Weekly Bookish Drinking Game

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and Bookstr is bringing you Booze & Books, our newest weekly feature dedicated to drinking games and booze-book pairings. To give you a little preview, here’s a suggestion we can offer right now: any drink and any book. (Don’t worry; they’ll be more detailed than that. But you have to admit, it’s the perfect combo.)

Rules: Imagine a romance novel or any book with a romantic subplot. Though we’ll consistently change the genre, this week is a game for you to fall in love with. Remember the book as best you can—while you can—and our 21+ readers can follow our instructions. So let’s get to double-fisting: a drink in one hand and a book in the other. By the end of this game, the pages won’t be the only thing turnt.

Remember: drink responsibly and read voraciously!


Take One drink if:

The protagonist is…


Startlingly naive about love and intimacy.


"Christian Grey picked up the long, black thing and started working my zone. It was bananas."


Completely unaware of her good looks, having spent her whole life believing she is ugly…
…without actually being ugly.


Blatantly in love with her childhood friend…
…and he’s, for all appearances, completely indifferent.


Sakura laughing as Sasuke looks away.


A self-proclaimed man-eater who is completely uninterested in romance…
…until a sensitive sweetheart can break down her tough exterior.

Involved in a love triangle…
…with one roguish yet secretly kindhearted bad boy…
And a hyperbolically meek boy-next-door whose lifelong wish is to push a lock of our protagonist’s hair behind her ear.


Red dress meme.

Looking for a romp in a foreign country…
…and doesn’t speak the language.
(Bodies can’t literally do the talking, y’all. Eventually, you’ll need to go to a grocery store or make an appointment.)

The Lover Is…

Famous in any capacity…
…especially for something sexy, like music, athletics, or breaking the law.


A police officer, firefighter, doctor, surgeon, soldier, artist, professor, or CEO.
(Somehow we’ve decided that these are the ‘sexy’ professions. Where’s the love for, say, someone at a twenty-four hour Seven Eleven? What could be hotter than someone loving you despite your obvious flaws? Example: 2 A.M. Cheeto purchases.)


Tris & Four from 'Divergent'

Image Vis Hypable


Initially nasty or cold…
…behavior which is later revealed to be the result of a tragic past…
…including but not limited to the death of a spouse or partner.


A passionate collector of sunglasses, leather jackets, or expensive suits.


Clary Fray and Jace Wayland

Image Via Sci Fi Now


The best sex of our protagonist’s life…
…right from the start.


Either Monopoly Man wealthy or living in romantic Dickensian poverty.





A completely avoidable misunderstanding drives the lovers apart…
…one that could be resolved with a very simple conversation….
…a conversation that NO ONE BOTHERS TO HAVE!


Edward taking off his shirt in order to kill himself in 'New Moon'

Image Via Vidmoon


Circumstances arise in which the characters cannot be together…
Especially if the cause is supernatural.


The characters decide to fake a relationship…
…and end up in a REAL relationship (a real…ly, really weird relationship).


In the rare instance that Santa Claus is involved, take two.


'In Love With Alien Santa Claus' by Zara Zenia

Image Via Amazon


Still with us?

If you are, maybe you should’ve chosen another book!



Featured Image Via Proof Media.

The ‘Buzz’ on Hannah Hart’s New ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ Cookbook

If you’re not already familiar with the concept, Hannah Hart‘s web series My Drunk Kitchen might (lit)erally blow your mind. Step one: Hart imbibes some serious alcohol, sometimes with famous guests (and by famous, we mean Sarah Silverman and John Green famous). Step two: she tackles a serious recipe. Oh, and she films the entire thing. Hart launched her successful YouTube channel nearly a decade ago in 2011 (which, of course, doesn’t feel like it should have been as long ago as it is). In all that time, Hart’s built up her brand—and, we assume, her liquor tolerance.


Hannah Hart, brandishing the booze

Image Via The Daily Beast

In 2014, Hart published her first cookbook with a small press. This year, Random House nabbed the follow-up: My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!: How to Savor and Celebrate the Year. Some of us need alcohol just to survive the holidays, let alone actually celebrate them. But Hart’s book isn’t just about the holiday season—a.k.a. the uncomfortable family reunions and nightmarish retail hell that is the end of the year, regardless of which holidays you choose to celebrate. It’s about holidays and special occasions throughout the year, starting as early as Valentine’s Day (which, let’s get real, might be an occasion for a drink or two). It goes so far as to include less conventional holidays, including Pride Month and the niche Left Handers’ Day.


Hannah Hart holding My Drunk Kitchen sign

Image Via Tube Filter

In an official statement, Hart discussed the upcoming cookbook:

Plume and Penguin Random House are the perfect partners for the next My Drunk Kitchen book. Together, we are all ready to take this kitchen to the next level. I’m more than ready for 2019 to have something fresh, funny, and fulfilling. How about you?

Though the book has a set release date of October 22, 2019, you can pre-order it now! We’re excited that it’ll come out just before Halloween, so we can eat, drink, and be scary!


Featured Image Via Surviving College
Gandalf Balrog

You Shall Pass Out With These ‘Lord of the Rings’-Themed Wines!

Drinking and reading are the two things that are best. That’s why the smart people at Warner Bros. have teamed up with Lot18 to sell The Lord of the Rings-themed wine. They might have unnecessarily split The Hobbit into three two and a half hour movies, but they’re beginning to understand what the people want.


Lot18’s wines are each named after a fan favorite character: Gandalf, Aragorn, Frodo, and Galadriel. The labels are works of art on their own and I want them as posters. Aragorn’s silhouette is stuffed with a landscape of Minas Tirith, a fellbeast flying overhead. Is the fellbeast heading toward or away from King Aragorn’s white throne room? That is up to you dreaming drinkers to decide.


Get a load of each lovely label (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) and Lot18’s descriptions of each wine (for those of you who pretend to understand what words like “complex” and “subtle” and “sturdy” means re: wine).


2016 Gandalf Monterey County Pinot Noir



Image Via Entertainment Weekly


The great wizard Gandalf can only be embodied by a variety as respected and celebrated as Pinot Noir. Like the wise old wanderer, this subtle yet complex red is unassuming at first glance, but quickly revealed to be spirited and persuasive, with black raspberry, alpine strawberry and forest floor flavors casting a spell over your palate, bringing you back for sip after sip. Give in to your sense of adventure and follow along.


2016 Frodo Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel



Image Via Entertainment Weekly


As honest and pure as a hobbit’s heart, this Zinfandel is crafted in honor of the most adventurous one of them all: Frodo Baggins, keeper of the ring. And just as hobbits are sturdier than they appear, so are the old vines that produced this red, which have endured for decades to survive – and flourish – against all odds. Vibrant flavors of blackberry, fig and spiced plum carry through to the warm, pleasing finish of this reliable wine.


2016 Galadriel Bordeaux Blanc



Image Via Entertainment Weekly


The most noble, beautiful and powerful of the elven women is honored by this high-toned wine, a Bordeaux Blanc with piercing citrus flavors and remarkable concentration. Just as Galadriel is revered by the tree people and all those graced by her presence, this impressive white is a true crowd pleaser, imbuing an immediate sense of devotion with its charming embrace. Take a sip and fall under its ethereal spell.


2015 Aragorn Appellation Lussac-St. Émilion Contrôlée



Image Via Entertainment Weekly


If ever there was a wine fit for a king as mighty and honorable as Aragorn, this is it. A blend of 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Malbec, this unmatched red is from the Lussac-St.-Émilion appellation, once the site of historic battles and dreams of victory. Rich, concentrated and built to last, it’s intensely expressive of its terroir, displaying black-fruit flavors and polished tannins on the palate. Your quest for the consummate drinking experience ends here.


Feature Image by jason_ivens Via Sketchfab Forum