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‘The Undoing’: How to Subvert Subversion

The HBO limited series The Undoing, based on the 2014 novel You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz, ended with a bang last Sunday night, raking in the highest audience in HBO’s history since Big Little Lies. For those of you who haven’t been following the six-episode miniseries, The Undoing is a classic whodunit murder mystery, following a family whose father figure is accused of brutally bludgeoning a woman with a sculpting hammer (and for those of you who are unaware, a sculpting hammer is quite a large instrument). However, the difference between The Undoing and every other murder mystery – from Sherlock Holmes to Scooby Doo – is this: that the first suspect is the criminal.

Jean Korelitz, author of the book that the hit HBO miniseries is based on | Image via Los Angelos Times

Yet how can this possible be a twist, you might ask? Isn’t the reason that it’s never the first suspect because, if it was, the mystery and suspense would be shattered? That’s not necessarily the case, and allow me to ask you something as an example: why did the chicken the cross the road? We all know the answer, yet have you ever wondered why people thought that joke was funny in the first place? I have, and after some research, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because the natural structure of a joke is the subversion of expectation (that’s what necessarily makes something funny) so, when we’re provided with a matter-of-fact answer, one that gives a straightforward (and, arguably, the right answer) and nothing more, that subverts our expectations to be subverted, and is therefore unexpected.

The same thing happens in The Undoing. I haven’t read You Should Have Known yet – and I say yet because apparently only for the first two episodes does the miniseries follow the events of the book; the adaptation allegedly veers so far from its novel counterpart that not even the killer is the same. Therefore, I can’t speak much on Jean Korelitz’s murder mystery, however, the same formula of the most classic joke ever told is used in the HBO show, and it’s frankly quite brilliant, in my opinion.

It’s almost universally understood that, in a whodunit, it’s never the one you most suspect, yet in The Undoing that’s exactly who it is. No surprise witness, no suddenly unearthed evidence, the man who is the most suspicious from the beginning is the killer, and throughout the series I found myself so adamantly defending him to my parents because I was following the basic rule of – not just murder mysteries – but every mystery I have ever seen or read. The Undoing seems to know that we all know this, and so, in making who the killer is painfully obvious, they ironically provided me with one of the best twists I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in the last five years.

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Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Have Finally Tied The Knot

You didn’t read that wrong, people. DC comic characters Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were recently married in DC’s Injustice: Year Zero series!

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In the modern comics, Harley and Ivy have been together for a while and it is so great to see the two become life long partners. The two have been a fan favorite OTP. We love to see a liberated Harley, far way from The Joker and his abuse. She set out on her own to create a life for herself, one where she isn’t defined by her relationship but now, where she can truly be herself, have actual friends and a loving relationship.


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Though their relationship has had some push back, love truly conquered all. The series writer Tom Taylor confirmed that their love has led them to martial bliss. This moment is not only amazing for the characters but for representation as well. To see two, strong, capable women in love and written tastefully is beautiful to see. And we need more of it! So, the gays have truly truly won, folks. We love to see it!





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Lucifer Morningstar’s Tinder Profile: This Devil Can Handle Anyone

The debauchery, orgies, mayhem and all around ghoulishness continues in this week’s Literary F*ck Boy Tinder Profile. With none other then Lucifer Morningstar himself!


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We are moving to another universe to the show Lucifer which is loosely based on the character from DC Comic’s The Sandman written by Neil Gaiman. If you don’t know who this devil is, you’re about to. Lucifer Morningstar is ruler of hell until he decided to leave that life behind for the Los Angeles or The City of Angels. He helps solve crimes with the our other main character Chloe Decker throughout the show but we’ll get back to her later.



Unlike our other f*ck boys so far, Lucifer as the oldest has had literally millennia to have as many partners as possible. He is the definition of a f*ck boy! If anyone needed tips he would be the master to go to. He can “turn anyone” on thanks to his natural charm and devilish power. He’s even claimed that he can sleep with 92 people in eight weeks but don’t hold that against him, he was going though a bit of a dry spell. Needless to say, he loves and enjoys sex and might be borderline obsessed with it.

He’s indulged in orgies, I mean what devil wouldn’t? His lovers have included Eve, like the first woman on Earth ever, Eve, Oscar Wilde, who was straight when he met him and a lot of other unnamed men and women for thousands of years. What a true BI King!  Also, he doesn’t wear underwear on a day he didn’t have sex or when he is planning to. So does he just never wear any, at all? 






The first relationship of note for Lucifer, would be between him and his therapist Linda Martin. This devilishly handsome man has daddy issues; can you believe that? Lucifer would pay Linda in sex for their sessions. It’s not like he couldn’t use the money he has on actually compensating her for her lively hood, instead buying another fancy suit. But to each their own. As their sessions went on she could tell that she wasn’t getting the full story. He actually reveals himself to her as Lucifer Morningstar the actual angel turned ruler of hell so she can fully help him with his problems. She still has him on as a client but stopped the sexual nature of their relationship.

His other, more important relationship is with Chloe Decker. The two first meet when she is trying to solve the murder of a pop star Delilah. After that Lucifer becomes an official consultant for the LAPD, becoming Chloe’s partner and they work on multiple cases together. Chloe is the foil to Lucifer; she’s seemingly immune to his charms. He’s a content flirt and isn’t shy when it comes to how attracted he is to her but she constantly denies his advances. No, no means no dude, hang it up.




He is also very open about the fact that he is Lucifer but of course she doesn’t believe him at first. She doesn’t only until she actually sees, Lucifer’s devil face after protecting her. As well as to no fault of her own being near Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable, physically and emotionally; neither of them really knows why. There is a theory however, that he is vulnerable with Chloe because he chooses to be without even realizing it. More recently in the show, they do grow genuine feelings for each other, sleeping together and start a relationship.



Here’s his profile; B.C.E (“Before Chloe Entered”)


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We’ll have to wait for season five to see what is in store next for Lucifer and Chloe. But what I do know is that they are adorable and are perfect for each other. And I hope the writers keep them together.




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