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We Share Books, Pants and Books About Pants!

Today is Make a Friend Day and what better way to make a friend then to share a story about best friends who can wear the same pants. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books were written by Ann Brashares and the adaptions of the books to big screen were released in 2005 and 2008 respectively for both films.


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I first came across this story from the movies and I instantly liked them. There are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, they’re fun, sweet and perfect for a lazy day in. The idea is cool as well, how a single pair of jeans can fit four friends and helps keep them together as they grow and change. But the one constant is the jeans; it reminds Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget that their friendship is worth fighting for. That no matter where they end up, be it Greece, digging up lost civilizations, college, they’ll always be connected.



So go out there and make a new friend. It can be very awkward at first but share your thoughts, goals, pants-maybe not pants yet but you’ll get there. Whether at work or a club, a gym, a bookstore, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is sure to be a conversation starter.


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Celebrate Umbrella Day at the Academy!

Today is Umbrella day so we obviously have to talk about The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy was originally a graphic novel series written by Gerard freaking Way as you all know by now, hopefully.  Am I the only one who thinks it will take forever for season two? I honestly can’t be held accountable for what I do while I wait.


Image via Buzzfeed

The first season was incredible. It put the graphic novels on my radar and the fact that the ICON himself was behind it, was a sign that this was a gold mine for Netflix and for my heart. And for my Funko collection. I don’t have a problem, I promise. All of the characters, especially the Hargreeves siblings were so interesting.


Image via Film Daily

We have Luther, Number 1 AKA Spaceboy, who is incredibly strong and has the body of a large gorilla thanks to blood from their butler and companion Pogo to save his life.

Diego, Number 2 AKA The Kraken, who is skilled with knives and can hold his breath pretty much forever.

Allison, Number 3 AKA The Rumor, who can tell simply tell a lie by saying “I heard a rumor…” And alters reality making whatever she said be actually true.

Klaus, Number 4 AKA The Séance. Klaus is easily a fan favorite with the ability to communicate with the dead and even God on occasion.



The Boy, Number 5 AKA Travel Boy. Five is the oldest yet youngest of the siblings. He has the power of teleportation and time travel. Five got stuck in the future and stayed there for forty five years. He finally  figured out to come back to his time to get his siblings to together to stop the apocalypse.

Ben, Number 6 AKA The Horror. He has the power to unleash monsters from another dimension through his skin. Talk about power! The show starts with him being dead and he hangs around Klaus as a ghost because he’s the only one who can hear him.

Vanya, Number 7 AKA The White Violin. Vanya is the most powerful of her siblings without even knowing it. When she was younger, Reginald Hargreeves, the man who took them all in, had Allison convince Vanya that she didn’t have any powers because she was too powerful, even at a young age. For most of her life she was an outcast but when her power awoke she destroyed the world. She is able to change sound into energy with her violin.



Since the ending of the first season I was filled with questions. Would they follow the next graphic novel exactly, if not how will they adapt it? Where in time did Number Five jump his siblings and why did they become younger before they vanished? Does this mean that we’ ll see more of the Hargreeves siblings from their childhood; training and going on missions? My biggest question is what happened to Ben? He’s undoubtedly the best of the crew and there is still so much mystery around his passing in the show and the graphic novels. But it’s suspected that Luther made a bad call during a mission and what ever that decision was resulted in Ben’s death. Also where did Hazel and his cute girlfriend go because I could watch them all day.


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7 Important Books to Read for Black History Month

Black History Month is here and it always comes with inspiring books. The young adult genre always has the best influential books to read during Black History month ranging from contemporary to fantasy. Here are seven young adult books with the best representation for Black History Month.


1. THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas 

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a novel that was written for the Black Lives Matter movement and the activists involved. This book is number one on this list because it is a story about a young girl named Starr Carter who sees her best friend, Khalil get murdered by a cop. The story revolves around her and how she deals with the death of her friend.

The Hate U Give was awarded the Coretta Scott King book award as well as a Pulitzer Prize, and many more. It was also made into a movie in 2018 starring Amandla Stenberg as Starr Carter.


  image via amazon


2. ON THE COME UP by Angie Thomas 

 On the Come Up is Angie Thomas’ second novel. It follows Bri, a teenager who dreams of making it big as a rapper. Thomas`s new book is all about using your voice and having freedom of speech.


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3. NOT SO PURE AND SIMPLE by Lamar Giles

Lamar Giles book Not So Pure and Simple is about Del and his infatuation with his friend from childhood, Kiera Westing. Without realizing that Del has joined a Purity Pledge at church because Keira did, he still does not want to give up on his dreams of being with her.


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4. DEAR MARTIN by Nic Stone 

Justyce McAllister is a grade A student heading towards Ivy League. Until his world turns upside down when a cop arrests him. When he needs answers, Justyce becomes inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King.  Justyce gets arrested by the white cop when him and his friend Manny drive around with their music blasting. Now, Justyce has to figure out what to do when he is in the public eye of the media. Nic Stone deals with issues in Dear Martin such as police brutality and racism.


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  When magic disappears in Zelie Adebola`s land, she is determined to get it back to her people. Zelie befriends a rogue princess and with the help of her brother, the three fight to bring magic back to the land of Orisha and defeat the monarchy.


image  via amazon


6. KINGDOM OF SOULS by Rena Barron

 Arrah comes from a family of witchdoctors. She longs to have magic of her own, but she can’t even perform magic. Determined to have magic of her own Arrah decides to perform a deadly ritual, one that costs her own life. Kingdom of Souls, Rena Barron`s debut novel, has everything from voodoo magic, folk, magic, gods and monsters.


image via amazon


7. A BLADE SO BLACK by L.L. Mckinney

 A Blade So Black is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland but this time it has a young black heroine as the lead. Alice struggles with her Nightmares while also struggling with high school in Atlanta. Alice has to fight monsters in a dream world called Wonderland while also trying to maintain her normal life.


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New Female Authors Expand The Genre of YA

The face of YA has been changing for years now, and thanks to these amazing authors, it will keep changing for the better. In an upcoming issue of Elle, five authors will have their own spread in the magazine and online, of how their novels have helped readers and the world of YA. Those authors include Angie Thomas, Nic Stone, Tomi Adeyemi, Elizabeth Acevedo, and Akwaeke Emezi.


Image via Theatlantic

If you aren’t aware, Angie Thomas is the best selling award-winning author of The Hate U Give, and On the Come Up. Both her novels have dominated the bestseller list since her debut book came out back in 2017. Nic Stone is best known for her novel, Dear Martin, and a few others such as Odd One Out, and Jackpot. Tomi Adeyemi is another best selling author of the fantasy novel Children of Blood and Bone and the sequel, Children of Virtue and Vengence, which was just released this past December. Elizabeth Acevedo’s debut novel, The Poet X has received critical acclaim and won several awards, and her newest novel With the Fire on High is a best seller as well. Akwaeke Emezi, and they are well known for their debut novel Freshwaterand their other novel, Pet.


Image via BooksandBooks

All of these amazing authors bring a new perspective that wasn’t present in the YA genre much before. They’ve talked about how much they loved reading growing up and about the lack of diversity books used to have. With their own revolutionary writing they are part of the shift in books, where young readers can pick up a book and see themselves. These fabulous authors also express admiration for each other, and support each other in their journeys as the new faces of the YA genre.

Thomas’s novel, The Hate U Give was adapted into a film and released back in the fall of 2018 to rave reviews and an average score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Her second novel will be hitting the big screen soon, with the director from the hit television show, This is Us, Kay Oyegun at the helm. Adeyemi has a movie coming out soon for her novels as well, and Oyegun, has also signed onto direct this project. Acevedo’s first novel, The Poet X won the 2018 National Book Award, and now this year Emezi is a finalist for the same award for her novel, Pet.

These authors are breaking barriers, and back in 2013, 3,200 children books were published and only 94 of those books featured women of color and then in 2018, those numbers quadrupled and they’re going to keep rising with these authors.

More kids are reading and are being inspired to read because of these authors. Representation matters more than people think and these authors are not only inspiring children to read, but also to become writers as well.


Featured Image via Bookstr


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Sweeney Todd: The Stud of Fleet Street

I’ve been listening to the Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street on repeat for a while now, and I thought this would be a perfect story to talk about during the month of love. Because seriously, what’s romance in literature with out some tragedy and murder, right? It was originally a story called The String of Pearls and there have many adaptions but none more famous than the 70’s musical with music done by the legend Stephen Sondheim.

My first introduction to the story was the 2007 film adaptation directed by Tim Burton which starred Johnny Depp, Helen Bonham Carter, and Alan Rickman. I worshipped Tim Burton so I’ve seen everything he’s ever done and I’ve loved movie musicals so I was ready. I absolutely loved the movie and had no idea how much rich history the story had. Todd is basically an urban legend.


Image via Wikipedia

This is the best story to revisit this month, because Sweeney Todd is riddled with romance! Todd’s love for his wife, Lucy and his daughter Johanna, Anthony’s love for Johanna, Mrs. Lovett’s love for Todd, Toby’s love for Mrs. Lovett — but most importantly Todd’s love for his passion.

Before Sweeney Todd was born he was Benjamin Barker, a very gifted barber and had a set of beautiful silver straight razors. When he is wrongfully imprisoned and sent away for fifteen years, he vowed to get his revenge on Judge Turpin who assaulted his wife and took his daughter and raised her.



Todd loved his razors so much that he called them his friends and had a whole song dedicated to them! When one of his razors was in his hand, he would feel complete. Of course we are not excusing his behavior through out the narrative, because killing men and baking them into pie isn’t the greatest way to show one’s affections, but Mrs. Lovett doesn’t seem to complain.


Image via The Void

I always imagined what the story would have been like if Judge Turpin wasn’t horrible and if Todd wasn’t sent away and got to raise his daughter with his wife. He probably would have continued his work as a barber and might have even won an award if they gave awards for that sort of thing. Lucy and Johanna would probably garden and read, I suppose, as there wasn’t that much for women to do in those days, but they’d all have a sweet little life. And Johanna would probably meet Anthony in town and they’d eventually end up together.

Todd would be a great companion; not Todd as Todd but as Barker. He’d be dedicated, loyal and sweet, but unfortunately, if you are down with a mass murder, that is your prerogative. But let’s face it, there would be no story if Judge Turpin hadn’t been horrible, and Todd would have never gotten that cute white streak in his hair, and that would have been a shame.

In all seriousness, everyone has got to see or watch this story in whatever medium they can get their hands on, because it’s such a sad story but surprisingly enough, also filled with immense hope. Whether you are single or in a relationship, there is enjoyment to be had with the demon barber of fleet street.


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