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5×5: Women Horror Authors Share Their Wisdom

As we rush to sink our claws into our favorite monster tales before the ghostly season is over, these five horror authors are just the women to give us all the gruesome details about what is takes to write horror and why the genre matters.

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Psychological Thriller Series Based on ‘The One’ Coming to Netflix

Netflix is back at it again with a new sci-fi show based on The One by John Marr.


Deadline reports Netflix will be making The One a ten-episode series! The story takes place in a dystopian society that has discovered a scientific way to find people’s perfect match.



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The show will be created and adapted by BAFTA award winner, Howard Overman.


The book was originally a bestselling e-book that garnered numerous of positive reviews in which many claimed it was book they simply could not put down. With that being said… whose ready to binge watch!




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Teen Spy Series ‘Alex Rider’ to Become TV Show

Oscar-nominated director Andreas Prochaska of Das Boots has received the green light to direct the first four episodes of the upcoming Alex Rider television series. Variety reports that the eight episode series will be produced by Sony.


Based on the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, the latest adaptation of the book follows the 2006 film, Alex Rider: Stormbreaker. The twelfth book is to be released mid-2019.



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The book series has sold over 19 million copies and is still hugely popular among the Young Adult demographic.


Deadline released that the screenwriter of The Borgias and The Hole, Guy Burt, will adapt the book and it will “begin with Point Blanc, the second book in the series.” Rumor has it that casting will begin towards the end of the year.  The executive producer, Eve Gutierrez said “We are delighted to be working with visionary director Andreas Prochaska. Andreas’ work whether for the big or small screen is always underpinned by thrilling, emotional experiences making him the perfect choice for Alex Rider.”


The coming of age spy-tale opens the door numerous of fans to get invested into a new teen thriller. This might be the next new show for fans of Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.




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Dean Koontz’s ‘Strangers’ Headed for the Big Screen

The New York Times bestselling Dean Koontz novel Strangers will be adapted by Fox Studios, Sony Pictures TV and Osprey Productions.   


The series will be airing thanks to the help of Jeff Davis. If you don’t know him, he is the mastermind behind widely popular shows like CSI, Bones and Criminal Minds, just to name a few.  Deadline reveals Davis’s work on Teen Wolf  which went on for six seasons became the MTV’s most highest rated show in the networks history. So I guess that means Strangers will be a MUST watch.  



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Koontz’s book follows four strangers who struggle with different issues that greatly affect their daily lives. Though they are thousands miles apart, a novelist with sleep terrors, a surgeon who suffers bizarre panic attacks, a priest losing faith and an ex-marine with fear of the dark, meet in Nevada hotel and discover something much darker than their fears.


This science fiction novel brings suspense by riddling readers alike through his expertise in storytelling. Jaw-dropping plot twist await as the project develops. I can’t wait to see the mystery unfold in our television screens!



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