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color of purple

Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey on Board to Produce Film of ‘The Color of Purple’ Musical

The Color Purple by Alice Walker, a literary classic which sold more than five million copies and won Walker the 1983 Nobel Prize in Literature has already made its name as a Tony Award-winning musical, and will now be making it’s way from the stage to the big screen. 

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the film is in the early stages of development and executive producers include Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, Scott Sanders and most recently Steven Spielberg. The Color of Purple follows a black women named Celie, who grew up in impoverished in southern America while enduring mistreatment from her father, husband and various figures throughout her life.The original film was directed by Steven Spielberg and earned eleven Oscar nominations.




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The Color Purple musical nominated for eleven Tony Awards when it debuted in 2005. The 2016 revival made it big, winning two Tony awards. Due to the success of the musical, The Hollywood Reporter says the musical changed the demographic of Broadway attendees by attracting more more people of color. The Color of Purple earned more than $350 million on Broadway.   


No actors or directors have been attached to the upcoming adaptation yet, however these great producers will be definitely working to bring us an amazing production. 



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Adaptation of Richard Ford’s ‘Wildlife’ Gets Major Oscar Buzz

The American classic Wildlife by Richard Ford has been made into a film and its might be an Oscar contender.


Critics everywhere are raving about this indie film and it’s easy to see why. Director Paul Dano was originally working on his acting career but upon reading the book became entranced by the story and wanted to see it come to life. 


In a radio interview with The Ringer, Dano admits that the story was instantly memorable and relatable. He grew up with divorced parents and the experiences of Wildlife‘s main character Joe Brinson resonated with him. Wildlife follows a teenage boys’ depleting household in the late 50s, over the course of three days events take place that mold and shatter the relationships in his family home.  




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In just about 177 pages this book takes readers into a world like no other. Dano said after reading the book he had to make a screenplay about it. With the help from his wife, Zoe Kazan (The Big Sick) who is also happens to be a screenwriter, really got the ball rolling for the script. In an interview with The Ringer, Dano mentioned when Kazan first read his screenplay she said “It’s good” and he knew from there it needed a lot of editing, so they began to work together.   


Variety says “Dano, it’s immediately clear, is a natural-born filmmaker, with an eye for elegant spare compositions that refrain from being too showy; they rarely get in the way of the story he’s telling.” Though the writing process was tricky, Dano directorial debut is a coming of age period piece that lets the actors shine in their portrayal of the story. Starring Academy award nominated actors, Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan the film is garnering a lot of buzz.




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Wildlife first premiered in Sundance earlier this year and is currently playing in small arthouse theaters.



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Hit Romance Novel ‘The Kiss Quotient’ to Hit the Big Screen

Lionsgate is planning to adapt The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. The quirky romance novel follows a thirty-year-old woman with Asperger syndrome, who is inexperienced with romance and intimacy, and so she hires an escort, however, their relationship grows to be so much more.  


Deadline describes the novel to be like a combination of “50 Shades Of Grey, Pretty Woman and Crazy Rich Asians.” After reading the description I think it’s also a bit like The Rosie Project. Originally Pilgrim Media Group bought the rights to the novel and Lionsgate Motion Picture Group decided to collaborate for the project.




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Deadline revealthat the author of the book, Helen Hoang has with Asperger’s syndrome and this was her main inspiration for writing the book. Though there is no screenwriter attached yet, all you die-hard romance fans have a lot to look forward to! 




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