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Black Widow Returns

The stand alone Black Widow movie trailer is out and fans seem excited. Personally, I am a little apprehensive. We could have had a Black Widow movie by now, you know, when she was actually alive but better late than never.

The trailer first starts off with flashbacks and flash forwards to her time in the Avengers, being best friends with Clint (Hawkeye) and we hear her line from Avengers: End Game about how the Avengers were her family, which was touching to hear.

Image via Polygon

We see Natasha going to back to Russia or maybe Budapest; it was unclear. But she meets with her “sister” Yelena Belova, and two other heroes we are introduced to. Melina Vostokoff (The Iron Maiden) and Alexi Stoshakov (The Red Guardian). The movie is set after Captain America: Civil War where Natasha was forced into hiding after helping Cap and Bucky escape, so her family reunion is a bit involuntary.

The big bad of this movie is the villain Tony Master (Task Master), who has a photographic reflexes and who can copy any adversary’s physical movement which makes him extremely dangerous. In the comics he could rival Captain America, Spiderman and others.

We also see glimpses of the infamous Red Room, where Natasha was trained. It has been hinted at through the years of the MCU, so it’s exciting to actually see it and not just in a Scarlet Witch mind read flashback/vision.

Black Widow’s back story in the movies is a still bit of a mystery and there is no telling how much we will actually learn but hopefully we learn enough to really appreciate Natasha’s character. R.I.P girl.

Image via CNN

Black Widow Trailer: here


Featured Image via The Mary Sue


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