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New ‘GoT’ Infographic Shows Every Characters Screentime With Amazing Detail

Reddit creates an amazing space for fans of all things to come together and share their thoughts, opinions, theories, and often argue about them, as well. While the arguing is an entertaining, yet annoying, part of all social media platforms, reddit’s Game of Thrones fans really take the cake for coming up with some awesome things for me to look at. Here’s what I found today:


GoT infographic

Image Via reddit (jmerlinb)


Now, I know this is probably tough to see. If you’d like to really explore this in high resolution click here. This was posted by reddit user jmerlinb. The infographic breaks down the screen time of 212 (anyone else not realize there are even that many?) characters by the house or category they belong to. Clearly the Starks take the lead with Jon as the Stark (or Targaryen) with the most screen time. Next is the Lannister’s with Tyrion having the most screen time. I’m noticing a pattern here that my favorite characters are featured the most and now I’m wondering if I only love them because I see them often. Is this how love works?


Nah, they’re just amazing and even the directors think so.


There’s lots of debate (obviously) going on in the reddit thread about whether or not Jon should remain in the Stark category. Many believe his name should just jump down to the Night’s Watch and again to the Targaryen’s. I think that’s all unnecessary. Once a Stark, always a Stark. What do you think?


Feature Image Via NME/HBO

‘Black Widow’ Solo Film Finally Kicks Off!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (a.k.a. MCU) film fans have been clamoring for is finally starting to go into development stages. It’ll be a while before we get an air date, but here is everything we know now.


Image result for black widow film gif
Image via We Hear It


The Cast: Who’s In Talks and Who’s Rumored


In a recent article from Variety, Oscar nominated actress Rachel Weisz, from the biggest film of last year, The Favorite, is said to be in negotiations with Marvel to play as Scarlett Johansson’s co-star in the film.


Image result for rachel weisz
Actress Rachel Weisz | Image via IMDb


A couple of other actors hoping to join the MCU cast are Stranger Things actor David Harbour and Little Drummer Girl actress Florence Pugh.


Image result for florence pugh
 Actress Florence Pugh | Image via IMDb
Image result for david harbour
          Actor David Harbour | Image via IMDb                   



There have also been rumors of Emma Watson joining the cast!


Image result for emma watson
Actress Emma Watson | Image via IMDb


Although fans, myself included, would love to Watson in a Black Widow role, there has not been much word of Watson in any negotiations since the rumors started about a month ago. Many articles have been written about Marvel wanting the famed actress in their film, but to our dismay, nothing has been reported since.



The Filmmakers On-Board


According to an exclusive with The Hollywood Reporter, after meeting with over seventy directors, Marvel has chosen Cate Shortland to direct the Black Widow film. The film and television writer and director had help from the star of the film herself, Scarlet Johansson.


Image result for cate shortland
Writer and Director Cate Shortland | Image via IMDb


Shortland, who does not have agency representation, had a fan in Johansson, who pushed for the helmer. The actress admired Shortland’s handling of the female lead in Lore, a critically acclaimed 2012 drama that tells of a young woman who leads her siblings through Germany as the Allied forces roll in.

-The Hollywood Reporter, 2019


In addition to the Cate Shortland becoming the director, screenwriter Jac Shaeffer has already written the first draft of the Black Widow screenplay. According to the MCU Wiki, Shaeffer also worked on the screenplay for the recent Captain Marvel film, so adapting Marvel characters and storylines is already under her belt.


Screenwriter Jac Shaeffer | Image via MCU Wiki/Fandom


Saving the best for last, there have also been rumors about the movie’s plot.


Jeremy Conrad, blogger on everything Marvel, heard from a very reliable source that we may see the rise of a young Natasha Romanov during the Y2K crisis of the late 90s. Condrad posted this on his blog MCU Cosmic


According to the rumor, the Y2K bug on December 31, 1999 will play some part in the plot of Black Widow. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was confirmed that Natasha Romanoff was born in 1984; so that would make her 16 at the time of Y2K. Based that age and on the flashbacks in Avengers: Age of Ultron, that would place her still under the control of the Red Room and likely not with S.H.I.E.L.D..

-Jeremy Conrad, MCU Cosmic Exclusive


Conrad does stress that it is possible that this could be a rumor, or at the very least only a part of the main plot to the film’s story.

Rumors and theories aside, with how successful Marvel has been with their films, alongside the incredible talent that are already starting to join forces, I think Black Widow is going to at last have the spotlight she deserves!

At the very least, I highly doubt it’ll be anything like the SNL skit thankfully.


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Image via Giphy


No Ultron. Just no.


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Image via Tumblr


Featured Image via Revenge of the Fans

Daniel Radcliffe Doesn’t Tire of Being Harry Potter

It may get tiring being known primarily for the role that made your career, but if it does, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is being very gracious about it. In an interview with Efe, he says acting for Harry Potter was a gift, stating:


Honestly, it’s lovely. I think people expect me to find it oppressive that people are still talking about it, but there is a generation of people who grew up with us and that’s a real honor. When someone comes up to me and says like ‘you were a huge part of my childhood’…The idea that I could occupy that space for someone is, just, you know…amazing


Image result for daniel radcliffe

Image via People


According to his actor biography on the media news portal 24SMI, the now wildly famous and successful actor made his start when he was only ten-years-old! The first film he acted in was the 1999’s David Copperfield, based on Charles Dickens classic David Copperfield.



Hope you guys speak Dutch, because here’s the one official trailer for the 1999 David Copperfield film.



Then came his big breakout role, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, based on the J. K. Rowling book of the same name.


Related image

Image via Gyfcat


Ever since then, Danielle Radcliffe has found huge success, not only as Harry Potter, but as so many other characters, check out the top ten below!




Currently Radcliffe stars in a comedy series with Steve Buscemi, Miracle Workers, which is soon getting a second season.


Regardless of how many roles he’s taken on, it’s nice to see that Harry Potter still holds a special place in his heart.


Featured Image via Variety

Lindy West

Lindy West’s New Adaptation Series Steers Away from Her Autobiography

Author Lindy West is getting her story out there in several different ways. Her 2016 somewhat autobiographical book Shrill was picked up by Hulu as a six-episode comedy series of the same name. However, the Seattle native wants fans to know that even though the main character is inspired by herself, it’s not really about her life at all. According to her interview with The Seattle Times, the differences only begin with the location.



Image Via Amazon


We wanted to shoot here and as we got started in that process it just seemed to make more sense to not have to shoot around Portland and use the natural beauty of Portland, the landscape and the vibe of Portland instead of trying to make it seem like it could be Seattle… Also, there are legal reasons if you’re adapting something from real life to make it less like real life, which is a relief for me because I am a real person who has to deal with her real family and real friends and real acquaintances.


We totally understand West’s desire to draw a line between where her life story ends and where Annie’s story begins. Yet West, a writer, feminist, and activist for women, still believes in the story’s message.


It’s a comedy about a fat woman who wants to build a better, more dynamic life for herself without losing weight, which is just not a path that’s presented to people… What we tell women, if you want to have a good life, you have to achieve a specific body and she’s coming to this point of frustration where she’s rejected that idea and calling that bluff.


Lindy West

 Image Via NPR

Hulu has has a lot of hit shows lately and we have no doubt this one will be just as good! Shrill debuts on the streaming service next spring.



Featured Image Via LindyWest.net

my brilliant friend

HBO Releases Trailer for ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Adaptation

Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend is nearing its on-screen premiere, as HBO has just released the trailer for the upcoming adaptation. 


The coming-of-age novel is the first book in a 4-part series, called The Neapolitan Novels, which follows the lives of childhood friends Elena and Raffaella throughout their adolescence into their old age.




The Neapolitian Novels have been embraced by many audiences and Ferrante has received positive reviews from critics since the release of My Brilliant Friend. The New York Times referred to Ferrante as, “One of the great novelists of our time.”



“Her voice is passionate, her view sweeping and her gaze basilisk. Her subject is the domestic world, and part of her genius lies in her capacity to turn this sphere into an infernal region, full of rage and violence, unlimited in its intellectual and emotional reach.”



HBO is taking Ferrante’s passionate and heartwarming tale to the screen and this official trailer shows audiences that the Italian author’s riveting story is just as emotional on screen as it is on page.



My Brilliant Friend will premiere in November 2018.




Feature Image Via HBO