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Adam and Eve

So Who Actually Were Adam and Eve? The Answer Might Surprise You!

The story of Adam and Eve is one we all know. Whether or not you believe it as Gospel, the story of the first man and woman actually predates the Bible and is consistent throughout many different cultures and societies. So who actually were Adam and Eve?


Stephen Greenblatt recently recommended five books on the origins of Adam and Eve to Five Books, and the article itself is absolutely fascinating and I suggest you read it for yourself, as Greenblatt gives Five Books an extensive and extraordinarily interesting interview.


First things first: why should you care what Steven Greenblatt has to say?


Greenblatt is Cogan University Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University, which is a huge honor in itself, Harvard’s University Professor is its most prestigious professorial title. He was the general editor of The Norton Shakespeare (2015) and both the general editor and a contributor to The Norton Anthology of English Literature. You might’ve been influenced by him without even knowing his name!


So without further ado, here are Greenblatt’s picks for getting to know the reality behind the story!


1. The Five Books of Moses by Robert Alter


Five Books of Moses

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2. On Genesis by Saint Augustine


On Genesis

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3. Paradise Lost by John Milton


Paradise Lost

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4. The Bible According to Mark Twain by Mark Twain


The Bible According to Mark Twain

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5. The Symbolism of Evil by Mark Twain


Symbolism of Evil

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If you’ve ever been interested to know the story behind the famed Adam and Eve, look no further! Check out one (or all) of these books, and make sure to check out Stephen Greenblatt’s interview with Five Books as well!


Featured Image via New Statesman.