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New Kids Books Series Tackles Tough Topics in a Unique Way

A Kids Book About, a direct-to-consumer publishing brand, produces books designed to help spark conversation between 5-9 year old kids and their parents about the tough topics of life. They currently have 12 titles available, tackling everything from anxiety to racism. The books are designed with colorful covers and text, but notably they don’t have any pictures. A Kids Book About signals an emerging trend in kids’ book publishing that strives to meet young readers on their level without pandering or talking down to them.


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In an interview with Forbes, Jelani Memory, the founder and CEO of A Kids Book About, says she saw a gap in the publishing market, especially in books written for young children:

We also saw an absence of books that spoke directly to kids; books that talked up to them and not down to them. Books that assumed that they were in fact ready, and it was the grownups in their life who just didn’t know what to say or how to bring it up. These kinds of books simply didn’t exist before now, and even when did, they were impossible to find. We created this company and these books to change all of that.



A Kids Book About opted for a minimalist design philosophy for a few reasons. Of course, they wanted their books to stand out from the rest of the pack, and the relatively simple design of their books definitely sets them apart from a market saturated with fully illustrated stories. Jelani Memory says their design choices are also informed by the idea that kids deserve to be spoken to in a direct way that they can handle.

And third, we wanted to give them freedom to fill in the blanks, use their imagination, and apply the books to their lives. The moment you stick a brown haired blue eyed kid with a group of dragons in a book, you aren’t letting the kid imagine how the story applies to their life.


A spread from A Kids Book About Creativity, via A Kids book About


The subjects A Kids Book About covers balance challenging topics like race, feminism, and body image with more approachable concepts like gratitude and belonging.

Memory went on to say that A Kids Book About has been highly selective with the authors they hire to write their books:

We not only wanted to find people with incredible personal stories, but also domain expertise. The criteria for publishing under our brand is basically writing about the thing that TED would ask you to give a talk on. As such, our authors are truly emblematic of their subject because their expertise is rooted in lived experience – and they could give college lectures about it in their sleep. But we also went a step further by making sure that our authors were a diverse group from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life.

We’ve got to applaud A Kids Book About for bringing such a fresh take on children’s books to life. The kind of books they’re publishing are truly unique, and we can’t wait to see what other great topics they grapple with in new books!




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