Special Offer for Romance Writers of America

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At Bookstr, we bring book lovers together at the intersection of book culture and pop culture, and nothing brings our passionate audience closer together than a good story.

Much of our success can be attributed to our well-built social media following, which includes:


  • Over 1.5 million highly engaged fans on Facebook (116 million average monthly impressions).
  • Over 51.7k followers, and 360k monthly impressions on Instagram.
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  • 1M visitors a month to our website.
  • Our Facebook Live talks with authors average around 7,000 views.
  • Our emailer reaches 130,000 people.
  • Our branded content videos about books have had up to 4 million views.


We know that authors are the rock-stars of the book world, but before reaching super star-status they can often struggle to promote themselves and their books. Fortunately, Bookstr is an industry expert at promoting authors, and converting our audience into lifelong, devoted fans. We do this through a number of amazing free and paid opportunities including: custom giveaways, articles, videos, emailers and social posts, as well as our Facebook Live shows Bookstr Talks, Bookstr Business, Bookstr Wellness, Bookstr Diversity.

72% of our 1.5 million audience members list Romance as their preferred genre, so we can connect our fans to your authors, and ensure that both are more than happy with our services. Together, Bookstr and Romance Writers of America will bring the book world a little closer.

For more information about our exciting promotional opportunities check out our pamphlet below!


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