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Saad Siddiqui Joins Cast of ‘Fahrenheit 451'

HBO Adaptation of Bradbury classic adds new star

Saad Siddiqui, known for his roles in 'Taken' and 'Orphan Black,' has been cast as Stone in HBO's adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic dystopian novel, 'Fahrenheit 451'.


Via Deadline

Via Deadline


Published in 1953, ’Fahrenheit 451‘ depicts a society in which firemen search and burn books that voice dissenting ideas. Siddiqui will play the character of fireman Stone, alongside fireman Montag (Michael B. Jordan), and mentor Betty (Michael Shannon). The cast also includes Sofia Boutella, Lilly Singh, and Laura Harrier. Ramin Bahrani (99 HomesAt Any Price) will be directing and co-writing the script with Amir Naderi. David Coatsworth (production manager on Underworld: EvolutionEnder’s GameMy Big Fat Greek Wedding) will serve as producer.


Although a definitive date has not been announced, HBO is likely to release this film in 2018.


Feature Image Courtesy of Zimbio