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Quiz: Can You Finish the Disney Lyric?

Let's be honest here: Disney movies are amazing and the best thing to ever happen to us as humans. I'm one of those people that listens to the songs from Disney movies just as much as regular music, if not more.

Quiz: Can You Guess the Book Title From Emojis?

Emojis or emoticons are little pictures that can be used in place of emotions or objects. In this day and age, they add a little bit of flare to our text messages, instant messages, tweets, and everything else on the internet you can think of.

Can You Get a 12/12 on This Grammar Quiz?

Having excellent grammar is difficult. Even the grammar experts forget some of the rules, it just happens! If grammar isn't your specialty, those tests in school might have been challenging. We like to think of it like a puzzle... a long, wordy puzzle.

Quiz: Which Brontë Sister Are You?

In the pantheon of literary families, the Brontë sisters are among the greatest in classic literature. We're glad that there wasn't much excitement in the English countryside other than the occasional walk into town, because then who knows if they would have written as much as they did.

Quiz: Can You Guess the Disney Movie From One Quote?

A Disney movie is a magical combination of song, dance, and general life inspiration. So many quotes from these classic cartoons are inspirational and memorable. From Snow White to Moana, if you can't quote a line from the movie, are you really a fan?!

Quiz: Is It 90's Pop or YA Romance?

Without context, song lyrics can look a lot like prose or poetry, which is why it may be hard to tell the difference between them. You'd also be surprised at how many lines of prose sound so musical, they might as well be lyrics!

Quiz: Guess the Book from the Obscure Plot

It's easy to guess a book after having a full description of the plot, or the name of a character. The books that really make an impact on us, however, are the ones that we can recognize from an extremely obscure description.

Which Book Was the Most Popular the Year You Were Born?

We promise we're not trying to guess how old you are. Birthdays should be celebrated! The year we were born was an important year...not just because we came into the world, but because many other things were happening at the time.

Quiz: Who's Your Author BFF Pt. 2?

We all love our best friends. They're our confidantes, the ones we love to be around, laugh with, and be ourselves with! What if we had an author best friend? They'd tell us the best stories, we'd read their new work before anyone else does, and hear all of the latest writer gossip- first hand.

Quiz: Which Character Are You Based On Your Astrological Sign?

If you love reading about your zodiac sign, I'm sure you probably wondered what some of your favorite characters' signs are. You may not be able to tell, but can still make a good guess based on their personalities. Ever wonder what characters share similar traits from your zodiac sign?

Quiz: How Well Do You Spell Pt II

You might not be keen to get up on stage in front of everyone, especially to spell difficult words. Never fear, our spelling quizzes allow you to feel smart and test your spelling knowledge without ever even speaking.

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