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Quiz: Can You Name These Minor Characters?

It's difficult keeping track of the names of all of the characters we've ever read. If you think about it, there are probably hundreds of names we've forgotten. What a shame! We bookworms should do better...which is why this quiz exists.

Who is your Game of Thrones BFF?

There are some great friendships in Game of Thrones, and some not so great ones... Imagine if you lived in Westeros: You would need some very loyal friends. Would you be friends with the heroes that make us come back to the show every Sunday?

Would You Rather: Literary Edition

Making decisions is never easy. Should you have pizza or a salad for dinner tonight? Are you going to watch The Handmaid's Tale or American Gods right now? Not so easy is it? When it comes to literature, the decisions get even more difficult.

Quiz: What Should You Read with Your Significant Other?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but no activity is more romantic than forming a book club for two! You can cuddle while you read and lightly debate the themes, topics, and characters. But which book is the right match for you and your special someone?

Which 'Harry Potter' Book is Actually the Best?

Every single book in the Harry Potter series is amazing- there's no doubt about that. However, we each have our favorites, whether we admit it or not. For example, I will always love The Goblet of Fire.

Quiz: Who's Your Literary Mom?

This Mother's Day, take some time to thank not only your real mothers but the fictional ones too! Without these matriarchs, our favorite stories would be different, and our characters may be in some trouble without their guidance.

Quiz: Which Literary Tattoo Should You Get?

Thinking of getting a literary tattoo? You've come to the right place! Literary tattoos are the best because if some random person asks if it means something, you can actually say yes.

Poll: How Do Your YA Novel Opinions Compare?

We all have preferences...Some people like the color blue over red, some people prefer soy milk to regular, and some people don't like peanut butter. No matter what we like, our choices make us unique, especially when it comes to book preferences.

Do You Know If These Literary Facts Are True or False?

We bookworms pride ourselves in knowing a ton of literary facts. Somehow, we keep them all stored in our brains with a ton of other things that might be useful... one day. Well, today's your day bookworm! Test your smarts by deciding if these literary facts are true or false! 

Quiz: Which 'Harry Potter' Character Said It?

The number of characters that J.K. Rowling created in the Harry Potter series is impressive: It's hard to keep track of them all! They each have their own distinct personalities, likes, and dislikes.

Who Said It: Justin Bieber or Christian Grey?

Are you a hopeless romantic? So are these two famous men. One is real and one is fictional, but they both say some crazy, unreal stuff. Can you tell the difference between what pop star heartthrob Justin Bieber has said, and what controversial heartthrob Christian Grey has said?

Quiz: Which Literary Character Should You Party With?

So it's a Friday night and you're all alone. Your friends are all hanging out without you, your crush is busy, and your parents are already asleep. So who do you turn to? You could just watch that new show on TV, but why not party with a literary character?

Quiz: Can You Guess How Many Words Are in Each Book?

When we finish a book, we feel accomplished. Once it's over, we usually marvel at how many pages we were able to read. One thing we never consider is the number of words we read! I'm sure the authors were conscious of the words they were typing or writing out.

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