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QUIZ: Which 'Game of Thrones' Creature Are You?

Since it first aired, 'Game of Thrones' continues to this day to captivate us with its fantasy world and complicated politics. However, have you ever wondered what your place would be in the land of Westoros? If so, try out this quiz and find out what kind of magical being or creature you are!

Which H.P. Lovecraft Deity Are You?

H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos is incredibly expansive with the amount of deities present. Although the author himself did not add all of these additional creations, they are nevertheless interesting creatures and gods.

Quiz: Do You Know These Famous Authors' First Languages?

An exophonic writer is someone who writes in a language other than the first language they learned. Though you might be familiar with many of these writers, you might be surprised to learn some of them did not originaly speak the language you'd assume. 

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