A photo of Chris Martin and Shakespeare.

Which is Which: Ed Sheeran Lyric or Great Gatsby Quote?

Many of us have been made aware of Ed Sheeran’s uncanny appearance on the most recent episode of Game of Thrones released last Sunday. Albeit short, Sheeran’s presence as an unnamed soldier pacified the bitter aftertaste of a violent scene. We won’t say anymore for those who have not watched it yet and it will be up to the you to decide whether his cameo was necessary or excess.


Nevertheless, Sheeran’s mellifluous voice and his use of poetic lyrics created euphonious and memorable tunes that linger on our minds long after the song has been sung. If you have ever heard or song or two by him and you’ve encountered The Great Gatsby at some point in your life, now would be the time to show off your knowledge by taking this quiz below. Can you identify if the following quotations are selected from an Ed Sheeran song or from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s all-time classic?



Featured Image Courtesy of BBC and http://bit.ly/2u9KQwE