What ‘Twilight’ Vampire Power Would You Have?

Did you ever wonder what power you would have if you turned into a vampire? Take this quiz and jump into the world of Edward and Bella to see what kind of vampire you would be!

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During quarantine I have been re-reading and re-watching the Twilight Saga. It reminded me one of my favorite parts about the world Stephanie Meyer wrote (besides the love story of course)…the unique gifts that some of the vampires have. I always loved seeing the different powers that each vampire had; Edward with his mind reading, Alice with her visions of the future (even if her real gift was looking so amazing while playing baseball) , even Jane’s ability of pain allusion.

These cool powers made the world of vampires even cooler. Therefore, if you are anything like me, and want to know what yours would be, here is a quiz to see what power would you have if you went through the transition from human to vampire.

Feature image via filmweb