Quiz: Which ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Character are You?

Charlotte’s Web, the classic children’s novel by E.B. White, turns 64 this month. You may be wary of glamorizing books you read when you were 10, but for us, reading this book felt like a great leap forward. It instilled us with the value of friendship (like most you read in school). Yet there was a candor about the book when it discussed heavy subjects other books sometimes strayed away from: death, specifically losing a friend, feelings of helplessness, and injustice. You could think of Charlotte’s Web as providing the lighthearted, optimistic worldview that To Kill a Mockingbird  would shade in for us just a few years later.

In honor of this timelessly important book, take a minute to find out whether you’re more like that ‘Humble’ pig Wilbur, the curmudgeonly Templeton, or even Charlotte herself!


Featured image courtesy of Garth Williams / The Marlowe Bookshelf