Will 28 Years Later Lead to More Books in the Franchise?

The cult classic 28 Days Later may be getting a reboot. Let’s take a look at what Hollywood is saying about new movies and maybe a book or two.

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28 Days Later split cover over a phot of big ben

It was recently announced that Danny Boyle will be returning to the franchise that helped make his name as a director. 28 Years Later will continue the story that began with Boyle’s 28 Days Later in 2002. According to reports, it could be part of a brand-new trilogy of movies.
There’s a strong chance that these new films could lead to a few fresh book adaptations as well. This was the case with the first picture, which led to a graphic novel and a comic book series.

28 Days Later Inspired Related Books

Boyle’s vision in 28 Days Later was of a plague-ravaged world, but it only focused on a few characters in a specific location. This provided great scope for others to explore the movie’s themes further, adding richness and detail to the postapocalyptic universe.

28 Days Later: The Aftermath was released in 2007, alongside the movie sequel, 28 Weeks Later. The graphic novel from Steve Niles bridged the gap between the two movies and explored four new stories within the world of the Rage virus. It includes some perspective on the initial stages of the outbreak, along with details on what it took to restore order in London. The book was well received, with a rating of 3.66 on Goodreads.

New Picture Could Also Expand into Casino Games

A lot has changed in the entertainment industry since the release of 28 Days Later, and that epic picture could have arguably been a greater success if it had been released in modern times. That’s because it has enormous franchise potential, with its themes able to span various forms of entertainment. With the success of offerings like The Last Of Us, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on the zombie genre.

Zombie and apocalyptic themes have been particularly popular in the gaming industry, and related games have been proven to boost movies by marketing them to a wider audience. One of the best strategies in the modern age is to release an offering in the casino industry, as this sector has an incredible reach around the world, from booming markets like Canada to emerging regions such as India.

Casino Days India highlights how a lot of players in the country have the same interests as those in the West, and zombie themes are prevalent. Wild Walker, for instance, is one of the top-listed games on the site, along with other online slot games like Temple Tumble Megaways. A 28 Years Later game could fit among these titles seamlessly, and help raise awareness about the new sequel.

What Do We Know About 28 Years Later?

There have been talks about a third film in the series since the release of the second, but the project has been met with various delays over the years. Now, though, it has officially been confirmed that 28 Years Later will go ahead. According to The Guardian, Boyle will reunite with writer Alex Garland for the picture, which will feature Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes in starring roles.

The original film boosted Cillian Murphy’s career massively, but it’s unclear whether he will reprise his role in the new movies. He is, however, on board with the project and will serve as producer. The great news about the new pictures is that they will have a much larger budget than the original, with a reported $75 million available for each film. This will allow for much greater scale and epic action sequences.