Social Media Influencers are Leveraging AI Creative Suites for a Better Work-Life Balance

Are you a social media influencer or hoping to become one? Read on to learn about exciting new trends to help alleviate the tasks involved.

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While social media platforms have been around for decades, it seems that the last few years have really cemented their place in daily life. As you can simply open your favorite app on your phone and enjoy some downtime, learn new skills, do research, shop, and absolutely anything in between, it’s no surprise that there has been a rise in individuals gaining significant audiences and being considered a social influence. These people are known as social media influencers, and 2023 is offering fantastic opportunities for those with well-defined micro audiences just as much as pages with significant followings. It can take hard work and dedication to establish the right presence, impact the right people, and be deemed relevant enough for monetization and brand deals, however.

The Pitfalls of Social Influencing

Anybody can become an influencer with the right content, but to get established in the right way, you will need to post quality content regularly and offer something of value to viewerships. As many niches already have significant names, those with lower numbers may find it difficult to ensure that they hit the right notes, and it can be incredibly draining and time-consuming to not only curate posts that are going to have a worthwhile impact but also to edit them to a professional quality to both build brand trust and keep viewers coming back.

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If you were to ask the biggest TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube names the biggest issues that they face, they will always speak about the fact that content creation takes a long time, and many feel like they miss out on family and social situations or on aspects like self-care in favor of being in front of a camera. The top solution stepping in is an AI photo and video editing creative suite – and the free, high-powered online AI solution from CapCut is leading the charge.

How can you leverage an AI creative suite for a better work/life balance?

If you currently use (or are considering) basic or traditional online photo and video editing tools, you will have to spend some time learning the different procedures involved with everything from cutting to resizing, adding audio, and more. If you have no experience or little talent for this, your content could suffer in quality. Many of these tools also come with sign-up costs, have individual charges, or come as part of a subscription package, so many social media influencers often feel the need to utilize professional editing services to take back some of the outlay lost and enjoy the extra flexibility. Of course, this can prove to be expensive, and not everyone will have the ability to do that, so the CapCut creative suite is here to help.

Bringing a fresh new approach to the niche with a collection of free, cutting-edge AI tools to intuitively take care of every project from start to finish, users can expect to:

  • Leverage highly intuitive cutting, trimming, splitting, and resizing.
  • Take advantage of the unlimited, editable video, audio, image, and text tracks.
  • Browse thousands of free and fully editable photo and video templates – all of which are free from watermarks and designed to meet the needs of all calibers.
  • Enjoy a fully open-source library of popular music and dynamic sound effects.
  • Generate error-free auto captions.
  • Set intuitive background removal parameters with amazing results.

The website also has an array of other tools to take care of user needs, such as the amazing YouTube video editor. As a result of all of this, the content creation and editing process requires such a significant drop in manual input that users will be able to post faster, log off sooner, and better dedicate their saved time and effort to other areas of life.