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New Harry Potter Advent Calendar Is the Gift Your House Elf Needs!

Your feet need this too because, hey, socks.

"Christmas is here, bringing good cheer, to young and old, meek and the bold..."


Too soon? Probably, but I just don't care. Thanksgiving is on it's way along with countless celebrations, including Christmas! So, if you're a celebrator of the holiday, I've got something for you that may not be too soon at all. Especially if you're a *dramatic pause* Harry Potter fan.


Harry Potter

Image Via Target


A recently released Harry Potter advent calendar is sweeping across social media causing a frenzy for not only its cute holiday illustrations, but for it's pure essence of giving. Not following? That's because this calendar isn't filled with chocolates or sweets like it commonly is; it's filled with socks!  Know any house elves that need freeing?


Harry Potter Socks

Image Via Target


With twelve cute pairs of cozy socks ranging in ankle to crew socks and Deathly Hallows designs to Hedwig's sweet face, these are not to be passed up. Everyone knows that the countdown to the holidays is the most fun and the best time to savor the inexplicable magic of the season. What better way to do it than in these brilliantly comfy socks?


You can purchase the 12 Days of Socks Advent calendar at Target for a mere $15 bucks. Twelve socks for $15? Dobby is pleased. 


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Image Via Target and ThingLink