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Judge Orders Deer Poacher to Watch Bambi as Part of Punishment

For decades environmentalists and nature lovers have been doing what they can to preserve and protect natural wildlife, while spreading the word for others to do the same, but some people have still not gotten the memo, or they've chosen to ignore it.


One such man is David Barry Jr., a poacher from the Missouri Ozarks, who's just been sentenced to jail for killing 100 deer for sport! The details I have read in other articles are rather upsetting, so I will spare you. Thankfully, justice has been served and Disney's animated film Bambi plays a huge role in it.


Barry's sentence for his crimes is one full year in prison, and on top of that he is to watch the heartbreaking family film Bambi once a month, starting now.


Video via Action News 6, Philadelphia


The huge hit of a film was originally based off the Austrian book Bambi: A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten. Salten's novel is one of the first environmental novels written, which really paved the way for writers and artists to support their love of the environment and inspire conservation efforts.  


Bambi book cover.jpg

The Original Cover for the Austrian Novel. Image via Wikipedia


Hopefully Salten's beloved character Bambi will help this man realize the errors of his ways. I know if I had to watch that movie once every month as a punishment, I'd leave a saint! But we shall see. One thing for sure is they'll definitely need to stock up on tissues!


Featured image via The Wrap.