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Margaret Atwood’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory is Bound to Offend Star Wars Fans

Someone please help Margaret Atwood

If there's one thing to say about Margaret Atwood, it's that she is certainly doesn't hold back.


The author responsible for delivering the feminist dystopian, The Handmaid's Tale, has gained much notoriety since Hulu successfully brought the novel to screen.  Though her vocalized opinions towards gender equality and political oppression have been largely celebrated, they've recently caused much controversy.


This week Atwood did an interview with Variety, in which she discussed a variety of subjects including Donald Trump, Hulu's adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale, and political activism. While discussing the later subject, Atwood offhandedly stated that Star Wars inspired the events of 9/11. Yes, you read that right.


When discussing an opera production of The Handmaid's Tale that showed prior to the September 11th attacks, Atwood described the set as having, "a film reel going across the top of the stage and showing various things blowing up. And one of the things that blew up was the Twin Towers." After the 9/11 attacks took place, that particular set piece was taken out, according to Atwood. The author suggested that the opera didn't inspire the hijackers, and that, in fact, Star Wars did.


She said:


Remember the first one? Two guys fly a plane in the middle of something and blow that up? The only difference is, in Star Wars, they get away. Right after 9/11, they hired a bunch of Hollywood screenwriters to tell them how the story might go next. Sci-fi writers are very good at this stuff, anticipating future events. They don’t all come true, but there are interesting “what if” scenarios.


Atwood appeared to be referring to the final battle scene in the original Star Wars in which Luke Skywalker defeats his opponents by blowing up the Death Star in a climactic ending to the film. 


As many writers have pointed out, however, there appears to be some inconsistencies with Atwood's statement and the actual scene in the film.


Was her statement an attempt to garner controversy, or is it a theory she stands by? That remains uncertain, but it won't be a shocker if backlash ensues. 





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