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9 Books That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Sometimes when I'm browsing through the shelves of my local bookstore or library, I'll read a title on a spine that makes me stop and look again just to make sure I read it right. Below are some of the best examples of this that the Internet has to offer.  Some are meant to be ironic.

5 Summer Reads and the Perfect Drinks to Go with Them!

With the heat of the summer upon us, people come out of hiding for all the awesome seasonal festivities to enjoy. Whether it’s parties, holidays, barbeques, or going to the beach everyone comes out in droves to soak up a little sun. Yet it also feels like summer is in slow motion.

6 of the Most Gorgeous Fictional Libraries

Libraries are a great device for story-telling, and creators know it. They are an invaluable way to get characters the information they need in stories where the protagonist can't just use Google, as well as a setting that provides a scene with a unique ambiance.

10 Zen Quotes to Help Bring out Your Inner Yogi

Whenever I see people who have a calm and easy demeanor about them, I’m pretty jealous. I’m always laid-back, but my mind is guilty of some frazzled moments. Today is International Yoga Day and every time I meet a yogi I’m in awe. How are they so calm? How are they so relaxed?

12 'Lord of the Rings' Quotes for Dark Days

In The Fellowship of the Ring, Lady Galadriel gives Frodo a phial of starlight, "a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out". While we can't get our hands on anything like that, words can provide their own kind of light.

9 Amazing Songs Inspired by Literature

Books can change the way you think about things; the right strand of words can strike something up inside of you. It's not unlikely to feel uneasy, dizzy, overwhelmed, inspired, or full after reading the right essay, poem, story, or novel. (Words are, like, insanely cool.)


8 of The World's Most Unique Libraries

I love libraries. Even if I'm not looking for a particular book, I can spend hours perusing the shelves and walk out with several books I would have never read otherwise, all for a grand total cost of nothing as long as I have my library card on me.

5 Memorable Quotes From Fictional Fathers

Father's Day was this past Sunday, and it got us ruminating on the wisdom of fathers, so here are some memorable quotes from fathers and paternal figures in fiction. Enjoy! 



5 Retellings of Classic Novels That You Should Read Now

Classic literature is great, but even I, an avid reader and stereotypical English major, sometimes wish these stories were a bit more contemporary. Fortunately, many modern authors have created their own stories that adapt the plots, characters, and/or spirit of the originals for a new century.

5 Reasons Why the Beach Is the Best Place to Read

I am beyond excited to kick summer off soon. Hot days, long afternoons, and late nights with friends. Not to mention all the parties, barbecues, and, of course, beach days. One of my absolute favorite places to go during the summer (or anytime of year) is the beach.

11 Book-Related Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday, so what better way to show the bookish fathers in your life some love than by giving them one of these great literary-themed gifts? Read on for some gifts that every book-loving dad will enjoy.



13 Memoirs About Celebrity Dads

Father's Day is approaching fast! It's a time to celebrate the dads in your life along with all of the advice, mentoring, tough yet unconditional love, and horribly cheesy jokes they bring to the table.



7 of the Best Literary Families of All Time

I’m definitely a family-oriented person; if there’s one group of people I can always count on besides friends, it’s without a doubt my family.  They’re loving, supportive, and, at many times, so damn loud and over-the-top that I can only laugh.